Dedicated Development Team: Why you Need it and How to Build one

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Published: 16 Mar 2020

Building Virtual Teams

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Engaging a virtual development team is a viable approach to software development. It’s quite common that someone with an idea for an app doesn’t have the skills or expertise to make it a reality. A startup wants the product shipped to the market as fast as possible to beat the competition. A company has a sporadic need for developers to work on an adjacent project. Many businesses often struggle to hire tech talent locally. 

In all of these cases, the best alternative to in-house development could be a dedicated team of software engineers. A dedicated team will be an entity of your organization, operating in a cost-effective region. The development team provided by the provider (for example, NCube) will work on your project full-time and under your management. The provider will take care of recruiting services, office facilities, and IT infrastructure, remote work tools, and then launches your team. 

Local development vs. Dedicated team: Which way is better?

Around the world, the tech talent gap on local markets drives businesses to push their search outside the region. Fortunately, communication and management tools allow businesses to have a similar level of control over the process as with an in-house team. According to ITWorld, a company needs 8-12 weeks to build an engineering team. The most in-demand skills are in the field of cybersecurity, software architecture, AI, and DevOps. Among them are even reputable companies that offer solid employee benefits packages. 

The undeniable benefit of a dedicated team is that it can be on par or even better than one you’d hire on-site – and it can be gathered over a shorter period of time. Businesses large and small actively outsource their IT functions. The budget for IT outsourcing is growing year to year and touches upon the following activities: 

  • Application development
  • Data center operations
  • Database administration
  • Desktop support
  • Disaster recovery services
  • IT security
  • Network operations
  • System implementation/integration
  • Web operations

The increased demand for dedicated team services is explained by the high ROI of this model. Apart from cost-efficiency, there are more benefits to virtual teams. 

Dedicated team advantages: Why it is a reasonable solution

Software development team

A dedicated team means exactly what it is intended to mean – it refers to a model where a virtual team is immersed into a client’s software project while being located in the office of the vendor. The dedicated team is always gathered from the ground up and configured according to the needs of the project. The task of establishing the management and working processes for such a team rests on the client. Here are some reasons in favor of dedicated teams:

  • Hiring a software developer full time in the United States or Western Europe will cost up to $100K per year. Add the expenses on recruitment, onboarding, administration, and benefits package to keep your hires around. Considering all of these expenses, a dedicated team might prove beneficial.  
  • With a dedicated team, there’s always an option to expand quickly whenever your project requires all hands on deck. A dedicated team model is at its best when you need to bring the project up to speed to meet the tight timeline requirements. It usually takes 4 weeks for our team at NCube to set up a mid-sized team.
  • Get a jump on time-to-market. Speed is another benefit of dedicated teams. Because you don’t need to distract the in-house team from the main project to do handle the adjacent project’s needs, you can enjoy a faster time-to-market.  
  • Access to developers with hard-to-find expertise. One more reason to work with a dedicated team is a variety of specialists in the global pool of talent. Here in Ukraine, you can find a developer with expertise in healthcare, banking, AI, data science and more. These skills are not always available in the job market. A dedicated team can bring lacking expertise to the table. 
  • Your office will be up and running around the clock. Being both a benefit and a challenge, asynchronous operation is possible to pull off if the cross-over hours are used efficiently. 
  • A dedicated team gives you much more time to focus on your core business and other important processes. It’s proven that by engaging dedicated teams, numerous businesses have managed to bring technology solutions that had a transformative power on their business model. 

How To Build Your own Dedicated Development Team: Step-By-Step Guide 

When building a dedicated team, you want to identify and hire people with the right skills who could bring your project to success. Above all, it’s a process in which two parties involved: a Customer and a Provider. The scope is usually shared in the following way: 

Provider: talent acquisition, IT infrastructure, office space, administration, payroll, paperwork, team building, and employee benefits. 

Customer: the workflow and communication processes, team effectiveness, the company culture and project vision. 

Now that we’ve outlined the responsibilities of each party, the next question would be where to start? 

Step 1. Define your requirements

Prior to contacting the vendor, your team should decide on a tech stack and prioritize features so the dedicated team could start with the most critical ones. Your requirements will be a document that will be later used by the vendor throughout the hiring process.General information about your company will be a great help in finding developers who would be a good fit in terms of company culture. 

Step 2. Interview candidates

Dedicated teams are usually gathered from the ground up and configured to the client’s project. Typically, the hiring process is organized into several rounds of interviews. The candidates are initially verified by the vendor’s team, which involves technical and HR interviews. Afterward, the shortlisted candidates are forwarded to the client for the second round of interviews. 

During the hiring process, you might want to take the provider for a spin. Take notice of their company culture, communication style, and the ability to meet your requirements. This will allow making an informed decision. With NCube, there’s no need to pay upfront until you’ve given us the green light to hire the first developer. On our part, we are open to signing a non-disclosure agreement before we start looking for candidates. 

Step 3. Launch your team

If you have chosen the team members carefully, chances are high your dedicated team will be a success. At this point, a lot depends on your involvement in the project. Set up the processes and communicate with team members regularly. If you choose NCube, you’ll be working with Ukrainian developers who display high technical proficiency, problem-solving mindset, and strong communication skills.

Step 4. Pay a visit 

How do you know your dedicated team is effective? You could rely on the criteria proposed by popular team effectiveness models (for example, the GRPI model and the T7 model) and carrying out regular surveys. But the best way to know how your team is doing is by visiting our Kyiv office. You’re welcome anytime!

Our dedicated team model in action 

At NCube, we have a wide experience of building teams dedicated solely to the client's project. Together with the client we agree on the profiles of candidates and initiate the search. Then we interview and provide technology specialists that suit our clients’ requirements. We have 12 years’ experience building dedicated teams for clients worldwide. 

Flightright is one of our ongoing projects that is being implemented with a dedicated work model. 

The company is the #1 platform in the field of air passenger rights used by more than 5M travelers. The team aims to build a feature-rich application landscape for customers.

 Read also: Testimonial from CTO at Flightright, Jan Koschitzki.

As a part of the core team based in Germany, a team of 8 FTE from NCube is working on the main functionality of the platform. The team includes front-end, back-end developers, DevOps specialists and spans skill sets such as Java, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, and others. 

Working on the project, NCube’s team has day-to-day meetings with the core team, regular onsite meetups and training, which results in complete and smooth integration.

The most recent achievement of the team was the implementation of aircraft leasing investigation that dramatically improved the compensation calculation algorithm.

Dedicated software development team: Is it right for your business?

There is no universal recipe. Sometimes it makes sense to go with in-house software development teams. In other cases, a dedicated team can jumpstart your project and be as efficient as an in-house team. Together with a dedicated team from NCube, you can build long-term relations with Ukraine’s best tech talent. Let’s talk?

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