Technologies we work with

Ncube remote team of Java developers
Web applications / Android applications / Console applications and tools / Desktop applications for Mac, Linux, Windows / Services and APIs
We build teams of Java developers and architects to deliver products and services with scalable back-end and thought-through easy to use interfaces for companies across a wide range of industries. »
Ncube remote team of C#/.Net developers
Enterprise-level software solutions / Console applications / Windows applications / Web applications / Mobile app development / Services and APIs
We build teams of C#/.NET developers and architects with deep understanding of Microsoft technology stack for full-cycle software development. »
Ncube remote team of Scala developers
Web applications / Utilities and libraries / Data streaming with Akka / Data analysis with Spark / AWS lambda expressions / Ad hoc scripting in REPL
Our custom teams have solid experience in creating responsive and reliable web applications using all Scala frameworks. »
Ncube remote team of Python developers
Web application development / Machine learning / Complex data analysis / GUI
NCube provides teams of engineers with extensive hands-on experience of building algorithms, analyzing data, and automating processes. »
Ncube remote team of C++ developers
Low level software / Drivers / OS level development / Embedded software / Utilities and Libraries / Console applications
We build teams of C++ developers who know how to write effective low-level code well and who understand operation systems, networking, cryptography and algorithms. »
Ncube remote team of Ruby developers
Web development / Services and APIs / Client-side applications / Test suites for non-Ruby applications
We source top-level engineers for object-oriented web services and application development in Ruby, from concept to production. »
Ncube remote team of Go developers
Complex enterprise-level software / Scalable web apps / Cloud apps / Stand-alone command-line apps / Peer-to-peer networking / Web-based microservices / Back-end processing apps
Go developers at NCube have hands-on experience in handling concurrency in software and applications, while ensuring their efficiency. »
Ncube remote team of JS developers
Front-end and UI/UX development / Robust web applications / Server-side applications / Cross-platform mobile applications
We build teams of experts who leverage the power of JS frameworks to build interactive web applications and powerful web platforms (front-end and back-end) with outstanding UX. »
Ncube remote team of PHP developers
Database driven websites / CRM applications / Custom PHP web development
NCube has experience in assembling teams of PHP developers to deliver solutions for social networks administration, CMS, and project management tools. »
Ncube remote team of Android developers
Native apps for Android smartphones, Android TV, and Android Wear / Enterprise Android applications / Initial prototyping / Post-launch support
We launch teams of engineers who are familiar with the Google Play programming environment and have expertise in developing native Android applications. »
Ncube remote team of iOS developers
Custom applications for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch / Enterprise iOS applications / Initial prototyping / Post-launch support
Using different frameworks provided by Apple Inc., your remote team will design and develop an application from an idea to post-launch updates. »
Ncube remote team of Hybris developers
E-commerce hybris development / B2B hybris development / Hybris for manufacturing, travel, and automotive industry
We build teams around the Hybris technology to provide a complete multichannel e-commerce software solution. »

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