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nCube has been providing offshore .NET development since it opened its doors back in 2009. During the 13 years that we’ve been in operation, we’ve managed to build lasting partnerships with multiple clients who came to us to scale their .NET development team. In recent years, many of our clients requested .NET talent to implement integration with Azure services and automated QA testing.

.NET is a framework from Microsoft that lets you create a wide array of application software, ranging from consoles, web & mobile apps to Windows apps. A typical .NET development team includes developers with in-depth knowledge of the ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core frameworks as well as C# and F# programming languages.

We at nCube can help you scale quickly with .NET developers based in Europe. In our model of offshore .NET development, the team will be 100% dedicated to your project, working for you five days per week from our cozy office in downtown. You will work and communicate with engineers directly as well as retain complete team control. Your .NET developers will adhere to your workflow and engineering practices and work in sync with your home-based team. In its turn, as a .Net development company, nCube will take care of all possible operational expenses, such as space rental, HR and recruiting, taxes, IT infrastructure, insurance, team building, and employee retention.

Cases requiring .NET implementation

  • Enterprise solutions
    • Your .NET developers can handle intelligent integration with your enterprise architecture using .NET Core, a cross-platform, modular .NET framework that allows to build web apps, microservices, and console applications.
    • Building a .NET development team is an ideal solution for infrastructures that rely on Azure and Microsoft technologies, given that the framework is a good fit for architectures with complex backends.
    • A .NET development team is a necessity when your infrastructure relies on Microsoft. An alternative here can be a Java team, but hiring .NET developers is the best choice if you’re a Microsoft evangelist.
  • Xamarin developmentThe beauty of Xamarin is that it lets you achieve a native-like user interface, API access, and performance. Your .NET development team can use Xamarin to build a cross-platform app that will run on all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) using the C# programming language within the .NET framework environment.
  • Web applicationsYour .NET developers can use ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core to develop high-performing web applications, dynamic websites, and microservices. These frameworks are known for high speed and vast language support. Additionally, ASP.NET is built into the Windows server environment and requires little setup and configuration compared to other platforms.
  • Desktop applicationsYour .NET development team can also use the traditional .NET framework to create Windows, PC, and server applications. It’s a mature framework that relies on .NET Framework Class Library and provides the highest compatibility levels with your existing applications and libraries.

Desktop applications on .NET with NCube

Why .NET developers love this framework

An object-oriented approach

This approach to software development enables .NET developers to deliver a type of code that’s manageable, easy to maintain and test. On top of that, .NET increases developer productivity, as it lets them reuse code elements, which trims costs and saves time for development.

Security of code

The .NET environment provides code-level security. Strict control over the intermediate language types allows the environment to define security policies before software launch.

Simple deployment

Microsoft has created ClickOnce and NoTouch deployment options to ensure easy deployment.

The Common Type System

CTS ensures compatibility of data-level programming languages by providing a consistent set of basic data types. It means that classes can inherit from the classes written in another language.

Extensive capabilities

.NET boasts a vast toolbox in Visual Studio integrated development environment. It supports varied functions like file reading, graphic rendering.

Language independence

In the .NET environment, all programs, no matter the language, are compiled into the intermediate language Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). This way, language compatibility is achieved at the MSIL level.

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