Research and Development Centers: What is Their Role in Innovation?

Yulia Borusiuk

Published: 15 Aug 2023

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Research and development (R&D) teams are among the main drivers of innovation in a wide array of industries. The principle is quite simple – these are the teams that research a specific niche and develop something that fills the gap in this niche. R&D teams can be either in-house or remote, but, in both cases, they are centered around proactiveness and a forward-looking approach. But how do R&D teams impact technological progress? What are the basics of their approach? How and why should you open an R&D center? Find answers to these questions in this article. 

What’s an R&D Center and what are its benefits?

An R&D center is a specialized tech unit dedicated to exploring, experimenting, and developing innovative solutions. Their primary purpose is transforming industries and shaping progress with various innovations. A software research and development center is also designed to conduct systematic research on software opportunities. It involves a team of progressive engineers whose task is to develop new products, improve existing ones, and research existing technologies to make the most of them for the good of their company. As a territory where developers can unleash their creativity, a research and development center brings many tangible benefits to IT companies. Let’s review them. 

A boost of innovation

Innovation is the core purpose of an R&D center. By investing in research and experimentation, digitized businesses can come up with software ideas that propel them ahead of the competition. Whether it concerns creating an innovative automation solution or a startup application that takes the market by storm, an R&D center is a good solution. These are the hubs for technology geeks where they can brainstorm, collaborate, and translate concepts into tangible applications. A research and development center is a great way to boost innovation both globally and at the company’s scale. 

Attraction for investors

Investors favor innovation-inclined companies. By presenting your organization as an R&D team with a forward-looking approach, you automatically become more attractive to potential investors. The key point here is to show a clear vision. R&D centers should articulate their long-term goals, showcasing how their innovative projects align with market demands and trends. If you manage to highlight the tangible benefits of your research for various industries, there will be people ready to invest in your organization and ideas. 

Strong potential for business growth

An R&D center can have a surprising impact on business efficiency. Even if a specific company is struggling to sustain the competition, a great R&D team can become a game-changer. A relevant innovation introduced at the right moment can immediately drive business growth. By being ahead of the curve, companies can improve their efficiency and profitability. Also, technological innovation is a great opportunity to attract new customers and expand into new markets. Even if the company is struggling to implement the promising idea properly, it can always raise money by selling the concept to other organizations. 

Better collaboration

R&D centers often bring together diverse experts from various fields, such as scientists, engineers, designers, and data analysts. In this case, great ideas can easily go beyond traditional software development. The collaboration between different professionals boosts progress and removes borders between different domains. Most IT companies work on traditional software solutions that provide specific functionality to specific professionals. With a research and development center, you can come up with an idea that provides unique value and responds to the challenges of many domains and teams. 

Improved product quality

An R&D team can help you uncover the optimal production method for the product. It can also come up with innovative testing methodologies ensuring that no issues will spoil the final result. A research and development center can cover your product’s compliance with various standards and its fit with the customer’s demands. As a result, you will deliver a product devoid of bugs and other issues ruining customer experience. 

Research and development centers: What are their tasks?

A research and development team (be it an offshore or in-house one) can handle a wide array of responsibilities. Typically, R&D team tasks are as follows:

  • Analyzing industry gaps and demands
  • Analyzing customer data
  • Research and analysis of customer experience
  • Market research and analysis
  • Product tests
  • Market tests
  • Product research and development
  • Implementing product updates
  • Ensuring product quality control

How to build an R&D team

If you are considering building a team for your research and development center, a good idea is to start by going over some key questions addressed by experts. The most important factors are the price, legal considerations, and, surely, the talent pool. A common approach is opening research and development centers in countries with a strong focus on IT offshoring. In this regard, Eastern Europe and LATAM prove to be one of the most popular destinations. 

An essential member of your R&D team must demonstrate the following qualities:

  1. Strong programming knowledge and experience
  2. Proficiency in various programming languages
  3. Comprehensive knowledge of data structures and databases.
  4. Skillful handling of cloud computing
  5. Proficiency in web development
  6. Extensive familiarity with integrated development environments
  7. Outstanding teamwork and collaboration skills
  8. Exceptional problem-solving capabilities
  9. Advanced analytical and critical thinking skills
  10. Profound planning and execution capabilities
  11. Excellent organizational proficiency
  12. Proven leadership skills

In conclusion

Launching R&D centers brings undeniable and wide-reaching benefits. They foster innovation and learning culture within organizations, driving the development of new products and services. R&D centers help businesses stay competitive, attract investors, and form strategic collaborations for long-term growth and leadership. A research and development center is a smart investment that is very likely to pay off if handled properly. The key point for doing everything the right way is hiring the right people. That’s where our team at nCube will come in handy. We can build your R&D center in Europe or Latin America, which includes the following services:

  • Setting up your own R&D office in the tech hub of your choice
  • Handle the team formation process
  • Cover all operational routines 
  • Support you in every aspect of launching your research and development center, from tax and accounting support to recruitment and team retention

Contact us and let’s discuss your need for an R&D division. 

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