If you’ve ever googled “where can I find mobile app developers,” browsed through freelance platforms and didn’t find what you need, this article is for you. We will focus on companies specializing in mobile app development, the availability of tech talent in Eastern Europe, as well as some basic steps you can take to find mobile app developers and add them to your team successfully.  

Where to find mobile app developers: Overview of the Eastern European market

Various sources suggest that there are between 2,300 and 3,000 vendors that provide mobile app development services in Eastern Europe. On the chart below you can see that almost 22% of them are small firms with less than 10 specialists. While such vendors can be just as talented and experienced as their larger counterparts, they may not have the resources required to handle complex projects. Nearly 54% of vendors have between 10 and 49 employees in-house. Such companies are more likely to have the capacity to handle complex projects. Midsize and large firms combined account for the remaining 24% of vendors.

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Let’s move on to another important aspect: The platform for which you need to find mobile app developers. There are three ways to go about it, including native Android, native iOS, and hybrid or cross-platform development. Our research shows that there are over 1,300 vendors that work with native app development for Android. The same number of vendors specialize in iOS development. The number of vendors that list hybrid and cross-platform development among their services is slightly lower – up to 1,100 firms. 

Where to Find Mobile app Developers

You should also pay attention to the industry expertise of your potential tech partner. Let’s be clear: The development process of a fitness app is different from that of a banking or an education app. Each domain has its own standards and tech requirements (for example, how and where the data is stored, how it is processed, and so on), thus resulting in different approaches to seemingly similar technical challenges. 

So, how to find mobile app developers with expertise in your domain? On the chart below you can see the breakdown of industry expertise among the companies that list mobile app development among their services.

Find Mobile App Developers

There are plenty of vendors out there that can help you find mobile app developers in your domain. All of them offer different services, have versatile industry expertise, and many of them can handle even the most challenging projects. But how to choose the right vendor to fit your needs? 

How to find the best mobile app development company

  • Define your app needs 

First of all, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience and their needs so you can turn those into your profit. It’s also necessary to know the preferred platform of your potential users and the core functionality of your future app. 

  • Set clear selection criteria for vendors

What are the most important criteria that will persuade you to choose one vendor over the others? For example, specific expertise, experience in your domain, a pricing model, speed, etc. To find relevant mobile app developers, create a list of must-have criteria as well as things that you might be ready to negotiate. 

  • Make a long list of companies

The first thing you can do is look up companies that specialize in app development and allow you to find and work with mobile app developers. You can go over relevant websites and directories. Make sure to narrow down your initial list based on the selection criteria created in the previous step.

  • Check vendors’ websites and portfolios

How to find the best mobile app development company? The best way is to look into the companies’ portfolios and websites. What type of clients do they work with? What type of projects do they take up? Can you find any similar projects to the one you are planning to outsource? Dig up as much information as possible in this regard. 

  • Browse reviews and testimonials

Another way to learn more about the company is to check testimonials from their previous clients. How did they find the work of mobile app developers? Public reviews can be a great source of information if you take your time and really dive into it. Beware of the companies that don’t share any information about their clients.

  • Send out Requests for Information

When you are contacting potential vendors, note how quickly they respond. Do they seem interested in taking up your app development project? What kind of engagement models do they offer? What is their standard time-to-hire? What is the retention rate among their mobile app developers? Be sure to ask as many questions as possible.

  • Negotiate a mutually beneficial contract 

After you find mobile app developers you want to work with, it’s time to discuss the budget. Your potential vendor might be able to help you deliver an app on a shoe-string budget or even come up with a cost-saving plan. 

So, where can I find mobile app developers?

Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Bulgaria boast a great number of mobile app development vendors. The rest of the countries have limited pools of tech talent, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find skilled mobile app developers in one of these locations as well.

where can I find mobile app developers

Overall, Eastern Europe is a great location to find mobile app developers. There is a decent number of specialists and a variety of vendors to choose from, so you can find a tech partner that will understand your business needs and help you overcome the challenges of app development. 

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