To say that the fitness-related market is booming would be an understatement. The global fitness club market is valued at $70 billion, while the global fitness app market is worth about $1.21 billion and is expected to reach $5.41 billion by 2030. Keeping these figures in mind, many businesses are looking for a reputable mobile app development company that can keep the cost of developing a fitness application at bay while delivering a top-notch quality product. 

Considering the background above, exploring various factors impacting the cost of developing a fitness application is crucial. Specifically, to know how much it costs to create a fitness app, you need to determine its type, select its key features, and know how long it will take to develop those features. Putting all aspects together presents a good estimation of how much it costs to create a fitness app.  

The cost to develop a fitness application: Types of fitness apps

The starting point in putting together a fitness app development cost is choosing the app type you need. At this point, it does not matter whether you opt in for a cross-platform mobile app development approach or go with native development. Instead, it is about taking a step back and determining what your fitness app needs to achieve. Essentially, choose among these options: 

  1. Workout apps allow users to track fitness progress and offer information on how a person should exercise correctly. 
  2. Personal trainer apps explain in detail how a user should do particular exercises to maximize the outcome and minimize the chance of injury. 
  3. Logbook apps offer users a training journal to log in to different workouts and maintain a training program. 
  4. Workout apps paired with IoT devices assist sports buffs in getting precise tracking data to make the most of the sports sessions.  
  5. Nutrition apps enable users to accurately track calorie intake, water balance, and calories burned.  
  6. Activity tracking apps provide users with capabilities to monitor their activity levels in terms of counting steps, counting calories, and counting fitness sessions.  

To know how much it costs to create a fitness app, you can choose one option from the list above. Next, when you see the type of fitness app you need, look for a software development company that provides direct access to remote developers, a 100% dedication guarantee, and a fast team launch. 

How long does it take to develop a fitness app?

The further key step in determining the cost to develop a fitness application is to select must-have features and know how long it is going to take to create them. Evaluate them with a focus on how many hours are needed: 

  • Registration, login, authentication, and password recovery feature often takes about 60 hours;
  • User profile with all the user data takes about 20 hours of development time;
  • Social media integration feature might take from 20 to 40 hours to develop;
  • Push notifications take about 30 hours to develop; 
  • Personal information forms might take up to 30 hours of development time;
  • Goal setting feature takes about 20 hours to develop; 
  • The app settings panel takes about 30 hours of development time;
  • A personalized and customizable exercise database is a complex feature that might take up to 80 hours of development time;
  • Pedometer, along with sleep monitoring, takes about 50 hours to develop; 
  • Geolocation takes about 40 hours to develop.

 If you want to integrate some of the premium features, consider these: 

  • The live-streaming feature can take up to 120 hours of development time;
  • The gamification feature takes from 40 to 100 hours to develop; 
  • Integration with IoT devices can take up to 100 hours of development time.

In addition to the time needed to develop the features above, be prepared to spend about 30-40 hours on the preparatory work and up to 20 hours on the app production process. Considering these numbers, fitness app development takes a great deal of time. Yet, if you partner with a vendor like nCube with a network of 100,000 developers and a 20-day average launch of the remote development team, there is a high chance to make it faster.  

The total fitness app development cost 

Now, after choosing the fitness app type and estimating how long it takes to build particular features, it is time to put the puzzle pieces together. The cost to develop a fitness application in its minimum viable product (MVP) form can cost from $30,000 to $50,000. If you are looking to get a fitness app with broad functionality, it will take up to 1,000 hours of development time and can cost up to $300,000. Besides, fitness app development costs can also vary depending on your chosen platform, such as AndroidiOS development, or cross-platform.

The bottom line 

So, how much does it cost to create a fitness app? To get the approximate number, you need to choose the fitness app’s type, select its features, know how long it will take to develop them, and multiply the number by the development team’s hourly rates. Yet, if you want to hire skilled mobile developers, contact us, and we will build your app development team in a nearshore/offshore region. 

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