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Published: 12 Jul 2022

Hire Swift developers

dedicated swift developer

With the number of mobile device users growing exponentially, one can witness the skyrocketing of the global mobile app software market. Statista offers numbers showing the respective market being valued at $420 billion now, and is expected to reach $542 billion by 2026. To meet the growing demand for mobile device applications, you need dedicated and proficient developers. In other words, the products offered via digital app stores offer multiple services users can apply for many opportunities. However, for an app to enter the App Store, you need to hire Swift developers. In such a context, we offer some key aspects of Swift and present particular insights you need to know to hire a dedicated Swift developer.

Swift in a nutshell

With many programming languages available for mobile app development, Swift is the one well-recognized among professionals working with iOS operating systems. Essentially, Swift is a newer version of Objective-C, and it puts together various aspects of more obsolete programming languages while offering a clean and safer syntax. It is a general-purpose tool designed and used by Apple. The company writes the code for products like macOS, watchOS, iOS, and tvOS. 

A portrait of a Swift iOS developer

Who is a Swift iOS developer? This professional is an iOS developer who can work with a broad range of Apple products and services. A Swift iOS developer has knowledge and expertise, allowing them to work with macOS and tvOS in addition to iOS. The most dedicated Swift developers put their hands on so-called server-side Swift.

Notable Swift applications

There are many prominent mobile apps written in Swift. The list includes the following:

  • Uber
  • Apple
  • Slack
  • 9GAG
  • Lyft
  • Asana
  • Robinhood

These are the few notable examples of great Swift iOS development in practice. In such a case, there is already enough evidence to prove that Swift is the programming language worth using. 

Benefits of using Swift for iOS development

Building the case on the necessity to hire Swift developers first, one should briefly point out some general benefits of Swift as a software development service

  1. Developers can create apps with Objective-C and Swift, showing the language’s interoperability.
  2. Applications can be easily migrated from Objective-C to Swift, which improves the updating process of Objective-C apps.
  3. Swift is a well-recognized language, meaning better talent pool access.

Swift iOS development is something worth considering when you look to build a new app. Yet, particular aspects are needed when hiring a dedicated Swift developer to get the most of the instrument. 

General technical requirements and average rates

The specialist must have several key technical requirements for an ICT professional to deliver high-quality Swift app development services. Namely, when hiring a Swift developer, ensure a person is proficient with Swift, has experience working with the Foundation framework, can apply Object-C principles, understands Apple’s design patterns, and writes a clean code. The hourly rates can vary from $20 per hour for a junior Swift developer to $70 per hour for a senior Swift iOS developer. These are basic requirements for hiring a Swift developer.

Availability of expertise

When it comes to deeper insights into the process of hiring a dedicated Swift developer, one should emphasize the availability of expertise. In such a context, a junior developer has less than two years of experience, a middle-level developer has from two to five years of experience, and a senior developer is an expert with more than five years of experience. The expertise of a developer should directly correlate to the project’s complexity. Hiring a junior Swift developer will suffice if you have an in-house team of seasoned tech engineers. If you want the app to be outsourced entirely, you need to hire more than one senior Swift developer. 

An appealing portfolio

The skill and proficiency of any given developer for hire should be mirrored in their portfolio. Don’t believe words. Instead, focus on a project a person completed. You can check Swift developers’ portfolios on GitHub. Here, you can see code written and compiled by a Swift iOS developer. If you are looking for more visual projects and design-type portfolios, Behance is the place to go. When hiring a dedicated Swift iOS developer, always ask for a portfolio to look at. 

Soft skills 

For a dedicated Swift developer having technical skills and a portfolio is not enough. A person needs to have soft skills that ensure good communication and collaboration. When hiring a developer, search for those with similar cultural backgrounds, values, and professional attitudes. In general, the availability of such soft skills helps further avoid misunderstanding and boosts the development speed. This report suggests most iPhone app developers are often chosen by their robust soft skills compared to hard ones. Hiring a dedicated Swift developer is about finding an individual with balanced, soft skills and technical proficiencies. 

Various options for Swift iOS development

There are different options for hiring developers. One can choose freelancers, establish an in-house team, or hire an outsourcing company. 

  • Freelancers. Hiring a freelance Swift developer is a good solution when looking for an affordable option. Yet, remote developers’ quality can lag compared to other options.
  • In-house teams. If you are running a long-term project, have a decent budget, and want the best quality, establish an in-house team of Swift developers. 
  • Vendors of dedicated Swift developers. If you are looking for a middle option between freelances and in-house teams, hire a company that can help you hire dedicated Swift developers, for example, nCube.

Choosing the best option depends on your business needs, accessibility of talent, budget, timeline, and a general idea of what you want an end-product to be. 

Concluding remarks

Hiring a dedicated Swift developer is not an easy task. Yet, when following the insights mentioned above, you can be sure to have a sufficient understanding of how to land a good Swift developer. All that translates into a high-quality product received for a reasonable price. Keep in mind that the quality of Swift app developers directly depends on both soft and hard skills. Do not underestimate the ability of tech experts to communicate and collaborate. 

Contact us if your goal is to build a team of dedicated Swift developers.

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