What is Software Development as a Service?


The family of approaches related to delegating software development to outside providers includes many names. From traditional outsourcing to offshoring and nearshoring, there are many ways to indicate this activity. In this post, we focus on yet another approach, Software-Development-as-a-Service, shorthanded as SDaaS

What is an SDaaS

First of all, we should say what Software-Development-as-a-Service is not. SDaaS shouldn’t be confused with Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) which refers to a software delivery model and has nothing to do with outsourcing.

As an approach to delegating software development, Software-Development-as-a-Service lets companies source a skilled team outside their location to handle software development activities. 

For example, we at nCube specialize in building teams of software developers in Eastern Europe and Latin America helping companies access the talent they need to cover their software development duties. 

With that in mind, we can also define SDaaS as a solution that helps businesses create software with an external team. When using SDaaS, a client partners with a vendor, builds a team in a joint effort with them, and “subscribes” to that team as a provided service. Similar to any subscription, the client is billed on a monthly basis. The payment model is based on a monthly salary of a team member, plus a vendor’s fee. This way, it’s easy to count the cost of software development – the price is defined by how much your vendor charges per month of their service. 

Why use Software-Development-as-a-Service?

You probably want to know if Software-Development-as-a-Service is worthwhile and can add value to your business. In this section, we will focus on the benefits of this solution. 

Access to a pool of skilled software developers. You are probably here because you’ve already come across a talent deficit that prevails in North America and Western Europe. In recent years, the need for seasoned software developers has only intensified. Mid-size and small companies have to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to hiring solid developers, as tech behemoths tend to snatch away the most experienced ones. SDaaS, as a remote-based approach, allows you to source talent globally and build a team in zones with a vast variety of software developers.

A variety of skill sets. SDaaS providers, for example, nCube, can help you add developers from global pools of tech talent. We build teams in such regions as Eastern Europe and Latin America, so we can confidently say that these zones are seen by many Western businesses as go-to regions when it comes to sourcing talent of all kinds, from programming languages to in-demand skill sets, such as IoT, AI, Cloud, Embedded, VR/AR, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and more. 

Increased time-to-hire. Given that Software-Development-as-a-Service allows companies access to extensive talent repositories, you can significantly expedite the hiring process at your company. When pushing your search outside your region, you don’t have to vie with local companies for talent as you access limitless possibilities to source software developers from anywhere. nCube as a provider of SDaaS can build your team in as fast as 20 days thanks to our immediate access to rich Eastern European and Latin American pools of talent that contain 2.3 million IT specialists combined. 

Budget optimization. Not only does SDaaS lets you access the skill sets you need but also helps you cut the cost of software development. When choosing this approach, we guarantee a flat-rate, transparent pricing model based on a monthly salary of a developer. Another significant benefit of SDaaS is that the provider of this solution takes care of all costly amenities of development teams, such as recruitment, IT infrastructure, employee bonuses, insurance, vacation time, HR support, and more. Thanks to this, you can significantly reduce your software development budget. 

Increased focus. As your organization grows, your software may become increasingly high-maintenance, which translates to more work for your team. That may lead to shifting the focus of your core team from business to the software product. With Software-Development-as-a-Service, you’ll get a team that is scalable enough to cover all of the software needs, such as developing new features, handling Quality Assurance and post-launch maintenance. The provider of SDaaS will also take care of your team’s well-being, so you can focus on nothing more than your business.

Problem-solving. When you have an idea and are looking for ways to implement it, you require solution finders, not just mere performers. Our SDaaS service can help you bring in people with a problem-solving mindset to create and build innovative solutions. The know-how and all solutions of your team will belong to you, which makes our approach to SDaaS personal.

Who can benefit from SDaaS?

Basically, any company that has software development needs can benefit from an SDaaS approach. But there are groups of companies who can appreciate this solution more than the others. 

Your company has many tech units. If you belong to this category, you are probably in search of spare hands to handle various development tasks all the time. In this case, an SDaaS provider may come in handy as a partner that provides you with constant access to the best-in-class talent, so that you are not distracted from your main goals. 

Your priority is protecting sensitive information. SDaaS providers are bound to arrange and follow a formal agreement between you and your company aimed at protecting your data, including signing NDA contracts and taking all enhanced risk management measures you find necessary. 

Projects that last 6+ months. Software-Development-as-a-Service focuses specifically on long-term projects, letting you have a dedicated team that becomes an integral cog in your workflows. Working with us, you will have a stable team for as long as you need it. On our side, we take care of your team’s happiness, build out all the needed IT infrastructure, and take zero-attrition measures. On average, our team members work on a project throughout its entire lifecycle. 

As a tried-and-true approach to handling development tasks, SDaaS can bring a lot of value to your company as well. Let’s connect to discuss your needs and see if it’s the right path for you. 

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