How to Choose the Best Android App Development Company in Your Domain 


Published: 13 Dec 2022

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According to Statista, in the third quarter of 2022, about 3.55 million Android apps were available on Google Play. Many companies look toward mobile apps running on Android because it is the most popular operating system in the world, with about 2.5 billion users worldwide. We will explore how to choose the best Android app development company and give you some tricks for hiring Android app developers.  

Five steps to choose the best Android app development company 

With mobile app development, many businesses tend to choose between cross-platform vs. native mobile app development. In the article’s context, we will focus on the latter. At this point, here are five steps on how to choose the best Android app development company.  

 1. Defining requirements for your Android mobile app development company

Determine the business requirements. In other words, you should establish why your company and customers need to use your Android app. It is all about determining the future app’s value and how users will recognize it. After all, Android app development is not just about creating a product that brings profits, it is about a product that brings value. 

When choosing among the best Android app development companies, you need to communicate such a vision to the vendor and see how they respond. If the company shares your vision, it is time to proceed to the next step. 

 2. Evaluating available Android app development companies 

It is time to consider how the company you picked as a potential provider can fulfill them. First, initiate the discussion of your requirements. The critical component is checking and double-checking an Android app development company’s portfolio. A good company should have a visible track record of Android, iOS, or cross-platform app development.  

Basically, you need to look through the case studies and success stories to evaluate the development team’s expertise and see if they have worked with companies in your domain. Knowing how to choose the best Android app development company relies on the solid evidence and talent they can provide for your project.  

3. In-depth pricing analysis 

After you have looked into the companies’ portfolios, switch to understanding their pricing model. Yet, keep in mind a simple fact – if you’re looking for a fixed price, a handful of Android app development companies can give you accurate estimates of how much it would cost to build a good Android app. Therefore, you are likely to receive various price points.   

Your task here is to understand the reasoning and logic behind each. For example, with Android apps, cheaper means something other than better. So, a top Android app development company won’t sell their services cheaply and will have a well-designed quote with well-structured pricing.  

Companies like nCube offer you to build your own Android development team. In that case, the price will be comprised of the hours each team member has worked in a month, which is more transparent, as the client stays in control of the team and development processes. If you’re looking for such kind of model, we can help you. 

4. Reading into the process 

The fourth step is reading into the chosen Android app development company’s processes. It means seeing how a selected vendor approaches the app development process. Get answers on how the company’s development team works, what tech stack they use, and how they deliver each step of the development cycle.  

Respectively, check how the company deals with discovery, planning, sprinting, and reviewing stages. Determine what they emphasize when designing the product and how much focus they make on testing. An excellent Android app development company always values testing and support, which means they have QA experts who know what they are doing.  

Chances are you want to oversee the app development process without middlemen. If that’s your case, our model will suit you in the best way. At nCube, a client can work with the team directly, whereas we as an Android mobile app development company take care of your team’s retention, happiness, and motivation. 

5. Focusing on the innovation factor 

The final step entails looking at the factor of innovation. Off-the-shelf Android app solutions often discard innovation. The best Android app development company will always think outside the box and apply trending technologies if you need them, including: 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • Machine Learning (ML) 
  • Cloud computing 

An excellent Android app development company always goes hand-in-hand with innovation and the latest tech trends. Besides, adopting one or several technologies mentioned above means you get the best-quality Android apps.  

What is the best Android app development company? 

Choosing an Android app development company won’t go without hiccups, especially if it’s your first time doing that. That is why we’ve selected several factors to consider to know how to make the best choice. With that in mind, consider these aspects: 

  • Professionalism. The best Android app development company will necessarily be professional. It entails respect for quality, deadlines, and manners.  
  • Responsiveness. When you hire a company to work for you, you get exclusive rights to them working on your project. A reliable Android app development company offers quick and straightforward responses to your inquiries.  
  • Communication. When choosing the right vendor, you need to check their communication channels. You should receive updates on the project delivery. The company should be able to contact you via different channels.  
  • Customer-centricity. The best Android app development company will always put your needs first. It means they need to follow your requirements precisely and make sure you get the best quality product.  

It’s best to consider the factors above when getting the best quality-to-price ratio. Therefore, more than knowing how to choose the best Android app development company in particular steps is required. You should also focus on the variables presented above.   

nCube: Your Android app development company in the USA 

We can help you access top tech talent in Eastern Europe and Latin America. With 15 years of experience, we have gained substantial expertise in building teams for such market leaders as AstraZeneca, Greenpeace, doTerra, Life360, and more. 

Within our custom team formation process, you will approve your future team members and work with them directly while we take care of payroll, IT infrastructure, and employee comfort. As your reliable Android app development company in the USA, we combine professionalism, responsiveness, strong communication, and customer-centricity when building Android development teams. Contact us for more details.  

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