Is Android or iOS Better for App Development?


Published: 07 Nov 2022

Android and iOS app development

Is Android or iOS Better for App Development

iOS and Android operating systems now dominate the mobile application market, with more than 80% of all mobile devices today functioning on these platforms. Plus, according to Forbes’ data, in 2020 alone, smartphone users spent 87% of their time in mobile apps. The fact that the vast majority of customers opt for one of these systems is not surprising. Which platform, however, will be a perfect choice for your business growth? The application should ideally include versions for both Android and iOS, allowing it to reach more users. In fact, many of our clients choose to develop their apps for both platforms. However, suppose you are unwilling to commit substantial funds to the development of multiple versions at the same time, in that case, you can select one operating system that most closely suits your targeted market.

App development: iOS or Android? 

Let’s go over a few points to help you make an informed decision. 

Determining your target audience

If you are faced with an Android or iOS app development dilemma, you should start by researching the marketplaces of the countries or regions you intend to enter. The majority of the population in North America, and many Western European countries (for example, the United Kingdom), utilize Apple devices. If you intend to concentrate your efforts on these areas, you should consider developing an app for the iOS platform in order to reach your target audience. However, Android devices are more prevalent in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Monetization strategy

Almost any mobile application can be thought of as a profitable tool. As a result, before settling on a platform (as in Android or app development), you must decide on a revenue strategy. In other words, do you want to make money through advertising, product sales, traffic, or customer acquisition? Apple has positioned itself as a manufacturer of premium category devices for affluent clients since its founding. This plan has paid off, as data show that iOS platform users have 4-5 times the spending power of Android platform users. Furthermore, owners of Apple products purchase software far more frequently and readily, as well as order new premium features in them.

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Mobile applications for online stores

Many stores no longer confine themselves to “offline” transactions, instead allowing potential customers to select a product and make a purchase on their website or download an application for ongoing purchases. If you intend to sell things through the app, keep in mind that iOS users outnumber their Android counterparts in this market. This difference is around 6% in favor of the latter because they frequently purchase things using their mobile devices. These distinctions are minor, but they exist, and they are worth considering when choosing between Android or iOS for app development. 

App development prices

Regardless of whether it will operate on iOS or Android, developing a mobile application is not cheap. So, to save money and get the desired outcome, which operating system should you go with?

The job of iOS engineers is typically paid more, and publishing a finished product in the App Store is more complex and expensive. However, as iOS is a highly specialized operating system that only runs on Apple products, it is considerably more straightforward for developers to run tests and determine whether an application is compatible. It shortens the iOS app development process, which lowers the price of specialized services.

Due to the wide variety of devices that can run on the Android operating system, this creation of applications has its own particular traits. During the Android app development process, developers must test and assess the quality of the application on devices made by various manufacturers and adjust the software to multiple versions of screens and technical specifications of the devices. The cost could change slightly depending on the software development partner you speak with. 

You must consider the expense of developing a mobile application and the finances required for technical maintenance and updates. The precise cost can vary by several thousand dollars depending on the functionality, complexity of the design, and other business requirements. But no matter what, creating the same application for multiple operating systems (iOS and Android) takes time and money, but it’s definitely worth it. 


Not all ideas, no matter how clever and profitable they appear at first, live up to expectations. An entrepreneur frequently invests a lot of money in developing an application that ends up being useless and generates disappointment and losses instead of profit. To reduce such risk, iOS or Android app development frequently starts with the establishment of a Minimum Viable Product. This is a functional version of the program that may be installed on the device and only implements the essential functionality. MVP is the shortest version of the program that allows you to test the idea in real-world situations and determine whether it is worthwhile to continue development and create a full-fledged, pricey product. The concept can be deemed successful, and work can proceed if users are interested in the MVP version of the program and the market as a whole has responded positively to its release.

Android or iOS app development: How nCube can help

As a software development company that handles app development, we can say for sure that the choice between Android and iOS app development is tough. iOS app development is more expensive and time-consuming, but the apps are generally of higher quality and can be sold through the App Store. Android app development is cheaper and faster, but the apps are not as polished and may not be accepted by the Google Play Store. 

The good news is that whichever route you go, nCube has you covered. We build teams of skilled developers for comprehensive iOS and Android app development using the latest technologies and tools. Our experienced developers become a part of your team and guide you through every step of the development process. Contact us. 

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