Your Guide to Technical Business Consulting Services

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Navigating the world of modern technologies can be tricky. That’s why technical consulting services often stand as copilots of business executives, tech leaders, and managers of IT projects. Technical services consultants in fact currently have reached the pinnacle of popularity. The truth, in fact, lies within the recent data – the industry grew by 30% over the recent decade. The market of tech consulting, as per Statista, is currently valued at $620 billion. 

In this article, we address the what and why of technical business consulting services in broad strokes, whereas you may need a more tailored solution. If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. As a technical consulting services company with 15+ years of experience in software development, we’ll provide you with a solution specific to your business. In the meantime, our post will help you find answers to the following questions: 

  • What are technical business consulting services? 
  • How can technical consulting services benefit your business? 
  • How to find the best technical consulting services company? 

Technical consultant services: What is it?

Let’s start with a definition. When businesses seek technical consultant services, they typically require external expertise, expert guidance, or advice in the realm of technology. They hire technical services consultants to help them optimize their operations through implementing new technologies. The hired party typically handles the entire SDLC of a newly introduced solution, including architecture design, development, implementation, and management. For instance, you may want to hire a provider of technical consulting services to develop software for remote work or build a real-time data platform. 

It’s worth mentioning that consulting & technical services work both independently or as a company. For instance, we at nCube have the power of a mid-sized company that can provide a personal approach and have a vast network of technologists for well-rounded consulting. 

Overall, the scope of work for a provider of technical business consulting services may include:

  • Infrastructure planning;
  • Software development;
  • Security assessment;
  • Scaling;
  • Consulting and guidance on new technologies; 
  • Analysis of competitors and the tools they use;
  • Financial advice and finding the most cost-effective strategy;
  • Personnel training.

At nCube, we have experts available for consulting in all of these areas. 

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How can technical consultant services benefit your business?

The general purpose of technical consulting services is to help you understand how to use and benefit from technologies. Besides that, introducing technical business consulting services is the right step before integrating any new solution into your workflows. You should be aware of its cost, benefits, and shortcomings – and even risks the solution may be associated with. Let’s take a closer look at why you may want to consider this solution:

  • Identifying flaws in your current system;
  • Developing a solution tailored to your business needs;
  • Expert assistance in digital transformation;
  • Revision or overhaul of your existing solutions;
  • Consulting on the use of modern technologies;
  • Migration to a new platform;
  • App development.

Identifying potential flaws in your current solution 

Before you consider adopting a new solution in your workflows, it’s crucial to run a check of your existing software. Doing so, you’ll see the flaws that the new solution should address. Providers of technical business consulting services will help you identify the shortcomings efficiently and determine technologies that will help amend them in the best way. 

IT consulting

With consulting & technical services, you can keep yourself abreast of emerging technologies in your domain, determine suitable tools and methods for your business, and find ways to integrate them into your operations. Also, you dive into the nuts and bolts of software development tailored to your business and evaluate its potential for you. 

Technical consulting services companies tend to be well-versed in a few areas in which they specialize, for instance, we at nCube specialize in Fintech, Healthcare, E-commerce, AI, Telecom, and more. If you need a word of advice from experts in these areas – feel free to connect with our team.

Digital transformation of your organization

Many businesses nowadays undergo or have completed digital transformation aiming to use their resources more efficiently, increase productivity, and boost customer experience, among a wide array of other reasons. So, if you’re looking for ways to digitize your workflows, technical business consulting services will identify the best solution on the market suiting your case, taking into account such factors as your budget, complexity of development, and further maintenance. Alternatively, they can advise you to develop your own solution, as ready-made software may not cover your needs in full. This brings us to the next point. 

Custom software development

Your own tailor-made software solution will include the functions that address your unique organization’s needs. Technical services consultants provided by nCube will help you develop a solution that integrates the features you need using suitable technologies. In our model, you can build a team of software developers yourself, and work with and manage it directly. 

Software modernization

If you find your legacy software incompatible with the demands of your business, you may require an overhaul of your legacy systems using modern technologies. This approach will help you enhance your software functioning for the long haul with a minimal budget as compared to developing a new solution. In this scenario, a provider of technical business consulting services will take up the following tasks:

  • System revision and upgrade;
  • Cloud migration;
  • Refactoring of codebase;
  • Adding new functions;
  • Rewriting of software code from scratch.

Migration to another platform

Migration is a service where you move your system from one platform to another, for example, migrating your website from WordPress to Shopify. In this case, you may require technical business consulting services to select the platform that meets your goals, addresses your current loopholes, boosts security, and more. If that sounds like something you need, technical services consultants like nCube can provide a team of developers for effective system migration. 

Innovation aid

Keeping the hand on the pulse of new technologies is the oxygen of technical business consulting services. They can evaluate the potential of AI, IoT, Blockchain, or other solutions for your business. With the help of technical services consultants you may uncover the solution that went under the radar, yet has the potential to benefit your customers, bring more leads, save costs, or fix a critical issue. 

App development

In today’s competitive market, having a robust mobile app can set you apart from the competition. Technical consulting services can be instrumental in designing and developing a successful mobile app, including everything from an engaging user interface to robust security and high performance.

Moreover, technical services consultants will help you decide between native and cross-platform development based on your needs and budget. 

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How to find a suitable provider of technical consultant services?

Now that you know what you can get with technical business consulting services, let’s focus on how you can find the best provider. 

Step 1: Browse available options

This is the first and obvious step to take while searching for a provider of technical business consulting services. Just dive into catalogs of service providers like, review available technical consulting services companies, and check their services list and domains in which they specialize. If the scope seems insurmountable, a good idea is to reach out to your network for referrals. Compile a list of suitable providers, which you will narrow down during the next more comprehensive step.

Step 2: Do in-depth research

This step should be based on technical evaluation criteria for consultancy services, taking into account various aspects such as:

  • Industry-specific experience. Are they proficient in your domain?
  • Expertise in your technology stack, for example, we at nCube work with a wide array of technologies, from JavaScript, Python, and PHP to iOS, Swift, Flutter, and React. 
  • Scrutinizing their portfolios, case studies, and testimonials to filter out the best provider. 

After in-depth research, you wind up with several options to handle at the next step. 

Step 3: Contact 

Now is the time to connect with the technical consulting services companies you shortlist. At this step, you’ll discuss your project needs, goals, expectations, and more to gain firsthand experience of how well the technical services consultants resonate with your vision as well as evaluate their communication style and approach. Red flags may include a lack of personal touch, transparency, or unresponsiveness.

Taking these three steps will enable you to pick the technical consulting services companies carefully. 

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Hire project management consultants with nCube

Technical consulting services are one of the best ways for businesses to ensure that they invest in the right technologies. We at nCube can help you source technical services consultants on a remote basis. In our model, you’ll communicate and work with experts directly and they will be fully integrated into your company’s processes as if they were your in-house staff. Contact us and let’s see if our approach suits you. 

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