Top 8 Things That Influence the Ukrainian Work Ethic


Published: 22 Feb 2021

Ukrainian Developers

Ukrainian Developers Work Ethic

The IT industry in Ukraine couldn’t function without disciplined, motivated people committed to their profession, which are key signs of a good work ethic. Ukrainian IT culture is well known to support healthy respect for doing things the right way which contributes to their strong belief in working hard and accomplishing goals. By definition, work ethic can be encompassed by three words, Reliable, Dedicated and Disciplined. All traits are associated with  Ukrainian developers.

Building remote teams, we at nCube can attest that Ukrainian developers generally have a strong work ethic. In this post, we will take a look at the components that shape the work ethic in Ukrainian companies that specialize in nearshoring. 


Intrinsically, Ukrainian developers are driven by an interest in technology. According to research, 70% of developers have chosen this career path because they are genuinely interested in technologies.

Motivation and commitment go hand in hand. Motivated employees exhibit high levels of creativity, enthusiasm, and energy, which are substantial productivity drivers. With the right motivation in place, employees will feel empowered to do their job with due diligence. 

Ukrainian engineers, in comparison to other professionals in Ukraine, are well paid and make up a solid portion of Ukraine’s middle class, however, pay alone is not a driving factor. Dating back to the USSR, Ukraine has always been a center for technology and advancement and this desire to grow technologically is still a driving factor to this day.

Considering the genuine interest in technologies and decent compensation the field provides, we can say that Ukrainian developers have the right motivation to stay productive and committed in a distributed environment. 


Ukrainian developers boast good listening skills, which is key in a distributed work environment. Generally, a Ukrainian developer is a willing, good and proactive listener who asks the right questions in a bid to get a better handle on things. 

Most Ukrainian developers have a reserved nature, with less percentage of extraverts among the group. This quality often comes in handy because it helps them stay focused on code lines for long periods of time. But it doesn’t mean that Ukrainians shun communication altogether. Sometimes, they aren’t excited about the small talk, preferring to cut to the chase from the start. In business communication, Ukrainian developers tolerate personal opinions, but they can challenge them by asking questions to ensure they understand them correctly. 

Team spirit

Teamwork is indeed only successful when team members work together as one, and genuinely care about the venture’s success. According to Geert Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions, Ukrainians are considered to be genuine team players as Ukrainians put the group interest higher than individual interests.

With this in mind, it’s reasonable that Ukrainian teams aim to integrate deeply and build lasting relationships with the client’s teams instead of earning a quick buck. For example, the average retention rate of a developer at nCube is 2.5 years. This way, nCube’s clients don’t have to worry about additional onboarding or seek replacement too often. 

Relationships with management 

Ukrainians appreciate a no-red tape approach and prefer when managers keep communication lines open. Similar to their European and North American counterparts, Ukrainian teams stick around a formal hierarchy. Ukrainian developers are sticklers to the rules and requirements imposed by upper management, but at the same time, they feel free to express concerns and offer suggestions when something bothers them. 

Can-do philosophy | Individualism

More often than not, Ukrainians count on themselves to cope with tasks, which means they can bring a valuable contribution to your team individually.

Their can-do attitude truly shines when they apply their critical thinking to solve complicated tasks. As effective team members, they can also challenge others’ solutions and even question their own solutions. 

Generally speaking, individualism pertains to Ukrainian developers. In a workplace, it means that they are willing to take the initiative and act as self-starters when it comes to learning something new. On the other hand, they will share their knowledge and take up mentorship when approached by others. 


Ukrainians can hardly be called overly emotional or cheerful people. When asked how it is going, they will probably answer, “I’m OK” or “Not bad.” Although they may not always radiate optimism on the surface, Ukrainian developers, in general, are optimistic and approach work with the right amount of enthusiasm. 

It’s also true that Ukrainians can hang on the negative side of things for some time. That may give an impression of demotivation at first, but it’s mostly due to their desire to spot and eliminate risks right off the bat as well as to look at the task from different perspectives. This quality can be effective when it comes to raising concerns and coming up with constructive criticism, which Ukrainian developers are typically good at. 

Work-life balance

While Ukrainian developers strive to be efficient, they do not swear by work, preferring to draw a line between work and personal life. Extreme cases aside, they aren’t likely to stay after hours or burn the midnight oil brainstorming ideas. They prefer to devote their free time to professional training, family, friends, and hobbies. At the same time, they are responsible, and if an emergency happens, they will do their best to provide a fix as soon as possible. 

Finally, trust

How to make a Ukrainian developer thrive? Trust them. Employers with a quality like this are highly valued among Ukrainian developers. After all, in many cases, employees bring their best results when no one looks over their shoulder. This doesn’t mean giving the development team free rein, though. With the right approach, it’s possible to create a trusting atmosphere where the team stays productive without imposing explicit control. 

A strong work ethic is undoubtedly the secret sauce of remote teams, and it takes the right approach to hire people who exhibit a good work ethic. We at nCube can help you staff your tech team with developers who have the perfect combination of hard skills, commitment, and motivation. Let’s connect.

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