Top 10 Trends to Watch in Automotive Software Development


Published: 14 Apr 2023


automotive software development

The automotive industry is one of those domains that has spearheaded innovation for many decades. With the rapid digitization and advent of new technologies, this industry has witnessed an influx of innovations. Some of them seem like technologies of the future, while others can be implemented with the help of automotive software development. In this post, we will discuss the most notable trends in car software development that deserve your attention. Our list includes our top 10 selected innovations that will be shaping the automotive industry in the near future. 

Let’s get straight to the point and outline the most promising technology trends from the standpoint of a company that builds teams of software engineers for the automotive industry.

Autonomous driving

As technologies keep reducing human involvement in various processes, autonomous driving becomes one of the most notable technology trends in the automotive industry. Here it goes about self-driving cars that use sensors and cameras to collect data about the surroundings. This information is processed and analyzed by an AI driver that makes decisions and can perform rides of different complexity. Although this trend is still far from reaching its full potential, autonomous driving is being rapidly boosted by such industry giants as Uber and Tesla. 

Smart electric cars

The growth of global ecological awareness has boosted the development of electric cars. In recent years, Tesla has been a dominant force in the market. However, nowadays, more and more automotive giants are developing electric cars. Smart technologies implemented by car software engineers help these companies optimize the efficiency of their vehicles. As electric cars consume less electricity, their global popularity and usability grow dramatically. 

Big Data analytics

Data analytics is everywhere, and the automotive industry is no exception. More and more automotive industry businesses hire automotive data analytics companies to make their practices more data-driven. This approach helps businesses optimize vehicle maintenance, enhance marketing, follow the demands of the users, and solve the main driving problems. Besides, data science is critical for the development of automotive AI technologies, and self-driving vehicles. 


Another important technology trend that can be implemented with the help of automotive software development services is blockchain. In brief, blockchain is a technology that plays a great role in secure data storage: Different datasets are stored in different parts of the chain, and any attempt to disrupt it is immediately detected. That’s why blockchain is a perfect solution when it comes to storing vehicle documentation and other secure data. It is also a great solution for car insurance businesses.  

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is all about combining real-world experience with digital content. Basically, solutions developed by automotive software development services companies allow users to see virtual components through the lens of a real-world camera. And, surely, such a promising technology finds its application in automotive software development. For example, AR can be used for training drivers. They can drive in virtual surroundings without taking a significant risk. Besides, AR can help drivers get real-time information on their cars’ performance. 

Biometric sensors

One more popular security solution for the automotive industry is integrating biometric sensors. For example, the car can respond only to a specific driver to prevent theft. Surely, all biometric sensors should be supported with automotive software solutions development. While the most challenging thing about this innovation is, actually, building the sensors, the software part is also very important. Engineers should enhance the sensors with analytical tools and secure data storage. 

3D printing

3D printing allows manufacturers to create complex details in short terms and cost-efficiently. Surely, building a reliable car with only 3D printing is almost impossible nowadays. However, car manufacturers can use this innovation for prototyping. Here it goes about creating the prototypes of a vehicle or vehicle engine parts and testing them in non-harsh conditions. As a result, 3D printing can increase the speed of car manufacturing dramatically. And, surely, it has to be supported with model automotive software applications development that helps engineers plan and design the items created with 3D printers. 


Another popular trend in the automotive industry is building vehicle connectivity. This means that users will connect their cars to other devices to manage and track their state more efficiently. A vivid example of this connectivity is the ability to track one’s car with a mobile phone. There may also be an opportunity to connect different cars if they work as a team. For example, if these cars are the parts of a single logistics network. There are great opportunities for synchronizing and coordinating the rides. But there are always automotive embedded software development solutions behind such innovations. 

Automatic lift gate

This one is a rather minor tech trend in automotive software development, but it is still very important. Developed to ensure drivers’ comfort, the automatic lift gate opens the door of a vehicle without actual contact. If properly configured, this technology can open the door even if it senses the vehicle key very close. This simple technology needs many configurations. Otherwise, it can open the doors in the most inappropriate moments. However, its main benefit is a driver’s ability to enter the vehicle even when his or her hands are full. 

AI assistants

Artificial intelligence is the basic technology behind autonomous vehicles, but it can be also used to improve the overall driver experience. AI assistants can use various sensors to analyze the situation around the vehicle and ensure the safest ride possible. For example, they can activate a speed block, based on the ride conditions. A great example of such a technology is Toyota Tundra, which automatically lights up when it’s dark. Driven by progressive automotive software development, AI assistants are expected to provide drivers with the best and safest experience possible. 


So, as you may see, the automotive software development industry is booming. To leverage all the opportunities, you may need a team of skilled car software engineers. At nCube, we can source the experts you need in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. We work on a dedicated model, which lets you manage your team directly and integrate the team members into your internal squad. Contact us and let’s see how we can help you with the most ambitious vehicle software development ideas.

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