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software companies in south america

South American software development continues soaring enormously. The market piques the interest of many North American companies looking to build a team of nearshore developers. The region is a great choice to reduce expenses and work with skilled experts – all of this you can find if you partner with software companies in South America.

While South American software development is gaining momentum, it can be tricky to choose the right partner. With that in mind, we at nCube put together a list of reputable software companies in South America, relying on our expertise in building tech units in this region. 

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nCube is a company that builds development teams in LATAM. We’ve been helping companies worldwide source the best developers since 2008 and since then have built scalable units for famous organizations such as Greenpeace, AstraZeneca, doTerra, and Life360, to name a few. Our network of software engineers in LATAM lets us access developers specialized in a wide range of technologies, from Java, Python, JavaScript, and PHP to Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and IoT. 

Our specialty is building tech squads on our customers’ terms. The teams we put together adopt and follow the client’s engineering practices, communication style, and company culture. Thus, the developers we provide will be baked into your company processes, reporting to you directly while we have your back when it comes to retention services, administration, HR, payroll, IT infrastructure, and the overall well-being of the team. 

While nCube is an experienced and reputable player in the South American software development market, you won’t be finding our name in this list. Are we a reliable provider of development teams in LATAM? We sure are. But this time we’d better put other software companies in South America into the spotlight for the sake of keeping balance. We realize that we can’t work with every company out there, but we can share this list so you can have more information when it comes to such a strategic decision as building a remote unit. If we aren’t lucky enough to partner with you, we are sure you’ll pick the right partner among other excellent software companies in South America, as our list is based on such reputable firm aggregators as Clutch and GoodFirms. Let’s dive in!

  • Nextly

Nextly is a software company in South America, with headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. The company’s core expertise is custom software development, however, they also provide web development and IT teams as a service. The firm has been in operation for the past decade and has scored partnerships with many well-known clients. 

  • Liven

As a tried-and-true software company in South America from São Carlos, Brazil, Liven offers a strong experience in software development, design, full-stack development, and web/mobile development across such industries as Healthcare, E-commerce, Energy, and more. The company also specializes in setting up development teams LATAM. 

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  • VenturiX Solutions 

One more software company in South America from Brazil that offers custom mobile and web development. Additionally, VenturiX Solutions has strong expertise in Cloud, embedded development, and rejuvenating legacy enterprise systems. The main focus of the company is custom software development. 

  • Devlane

Focused on building nearshore IT teams, this software company in South America has a lot of experience in the field of mobile and web development, backend development, Quality Assurance, Blockchain and data engineering in such fields as Retail, eCommerce, and Business service. Headquartered in Uruguay, Devlane has a presence across LATAM. 

  • Patagonian 

Another strong player in the South American software development market, Patagonian works primarily with Finance, Healthcare, and Advertising/Marketing organizations to deliver high-quality custom software as well as custom development teams in LATAM. The software company in South America focuses on North American, EU, and LATAM regions and is based in General Roca, Argentina. 

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  • Flux IT

With more than 14 years of experience and 200+ team members on board, Flux IT is your go-to software company in South America when it comes to app/web development, Cloud and DevOps projects, enterprise app modernization as well as product discovery and design. The organization mainly takes over projects in the Medical and Finance fields. 

  • Alluxi

If you’re searching for software companies in South America, the Mexican talent pool should get on your radar. Alluxi is a bright representative of this market that specializes in building web/mobile applications as well as Cloud, Business Intelligence solutions. The provider focuses on such domains as Advertising & Marketing, Business Services, and Education. 

  • Wizeline 

This software company in South America is a seasoned provider with multiple delivery centers spanning LATAM and Asia. Wizeline has a large team of 1,500+ experts that are ready to work on custom product development as well as handle Data, AI, Cloud, and DevOps-related projects. The company’s portfolio includes world-renowned brands, for example, AirAsia. 

  • GoNet 

Among software companies in South America, GoNet stands out with a solid experience of 15+ years on the market. The company acts as a partner for businesses in such domains as Finance, Fintech, Banking, SaaS, mobile development, Systems support and modernization, Network Solutions, and more. GoNet runs teams in Mexico, the USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Spain. 

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  • Leanware

If you’re looking for software companies in South America, it would be remiss to omit Leanware as a provider of Business Intelligence, Cloud integration, and Big Data consultancy services. Apart from that, the company takes over projects that deal with the development of digital products and data engineering solutions. 

  • Koombea

Koombea has a solid portfolio of over a thousand completed projects, including mobile/web application development for startups and enterprises. The company lists such technologies as Ruby (RoR), Swift, Kotlin, PHP (Laravel), Angular, NodeJS, and React as their core expertise. So, if you want to partner with a software company in South America specializing in this field, this one may be the right pick. 

  • HatchWorks 

This software company in South America designs and develops solutions for businesses in such fields as Healthcare, Financial Services, and Communications by relying on advanced technologies like AI and Data Analytics. HatchWorks also offers technology consulting services.

While there are many software companies in South America, nCube can be the one you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about how we can build your development team in LATAM. 

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