According to GlobeNewswire, by 2030, the app development market will reach a staggering $366 billion in value. Furthermore, from 2022 to 2030, the market’s Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) will be about 23% during the assessment period. It means app development services will steadily increase in demand, and companies offering offshore iOS development services will have an almost one-fourth increase in customers each year. 

With this evidence in mind, finding the best countries for offshore iOS development is a great way to tap into what the concept has to offer. At this point, let’s see why companies look for it in the first place and discover the best locations to hire offshore iOS developers.  

The cost of in-house iOS app development vs. offshore iOS development 

There are two key factors companies consider when looking for iOS offshore development – low cost and access to the talent pool. With about 1.35 billion iOS devices worldwide, there is a constant need for iOS development services. At this point, cutting costs for iOS projects allows companies to stay competitive. 

The logic behind this thinking is pretty straightforward. An average iOS app developer in the United States earns about $97,000 yearly (about $75/hour). An iOS expert in Western Europe charges about $70/hour. An offshore iOS developer based in Eastern Europe charges an average of $35/hour. With such a drastic difference in mind, the iOS offshore development strategy is a great way to get a reasonable quality-to-price ratio. 

Best countries for offshore iOS app development 

When it comes to the most beneficial locations for offshore iOS app development, it is essential to look at an issue from the standpoint of regions and countries. In such a case, we will consider Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America because these offshoring locations provide not only reasonable prices but also the top-notch quality of iOS offshore development.  

Hiring offshore iOS developers in Eastern Europe 

There are about 1 million ICT professionals in Eastern Europe. On average, in this region, you will pay between $30 to $40 for offshore iOS development. Within the region, you can look at these nations: 

  • Poland 
  • The Czech Republic 
  • Romania 
  • Hungary 
  • Estonia 
  • Bulgaria 
  • Serbia 
  • Slovakia 
  • Ukraine 

Keeping this in mind, Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria take the lead in offshore iOS development in Eastern Europe. Here you will have access to the top talent and be able to access and hire offshore iOS developers with expertise in both Swift and Objective-C. Besides, offshore iOS developers from Eastern Europe are proficient in English and located in convenient time zones. The number of global corporations offshoring software development to Eastern Europe is rising. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that some cultural differences may be present if you choose to build your team here.  

Offshore iOS development in Asia 

Asia is one of the regions known as a paradise for offshore iOS development. In India alone, more than 5 million ICT professionals are ready to offer their services. On average, be ready to pay from $23 to $30/hour to reap offshore iOS development benefits. At this point, one of the critical advantages of accessing the Asian talent pool is all about low prices. However, the product’s quality can be relatively poor. The best countries for offshore iOS development in Asia are the following: 

  • India 
  • China 
  • Vietnam 
  • Indonesia 
  • Bangladesh 
  • Malaysia 
  • Pakistan 
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Nepal  

In total, there are more than 7 million developers available for hire in Asia. It means you won’t have problems hiring dedicated offshore iOS application developers. Yet, always keep in mind that working with Asian companies often comes with communication issues and significant differences in culture. In many cases, it can be a major problem in delivering iOS development projects.  

Offshore iOS app development in Latin America 

The final excellent offshoring destination is Latin America. The region is booming with new talent, and its software development industry is experiencing significant growth. It means you can hire an offshore development team to handle projects ranging from augmented reality to iOS offshore development of any complexity. Notably, most projects from the United States are offshored to Latin America. Offshore iOS developers there charge from $30 to $60/hour. At this point, the best countries for offshore iOS development in Latin America are the following: 

  • Brazil 
  • Chile 
  • Argentina 
  • Colombia 
  • Costa Rica 
  • Peru 
  • Panama 
  • Mexico 

Companies from the United States choose Latin America as an outsourcing destination primarily for the lack of time zone differences. Besides, Mexico and Brazil are moving in massive strides toward becoming one of the biggest global hubs for iOS offshore development. Respectively, iOS experts from Latin America are used to working on US projects because they understand the business requirements and know what American customers want. 

So, where to hire dedicated offshore iOS application developers?

The above locations are proven to be best for offshore iOS development. Yet, even if you have made the final choice of the country, it is essential to know how to access the country of your choice and its iOS developers. Keeping that in mind, there are three distinct ways to access offshore iOS development benefits: 

  1. nCube. We help companies worldwide hire offshore iOS developers in their chosen locations. Our goal is to build a sustainable team based on the client’s requirements. With us, you can skip the time-consuming recruitment step, as we provide candidates that match your requirements and can build your tech team within a few weeks. 
  2. StackOverflow. It is a go-to resource when you need an experienced offshore iOS developer. You can find their ICT professionals from all the regions mentioned above. 
  3. GitHub Jobs. You can find numerous listings for hiring iOS developers on the platform. In a nutshell, for a minimal fee, GitHub Jobs grants you access to global offshoring destinations. 


It is possible to tap into offshore iOS development benefits in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, India, and China can be your sources of offshore iOS development talent. We at nCube can help you hire dedicated offshore iOS application developers that will guarantee you high-quality services. Contact us. 

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