Mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives – on average, a customer spends nearly 4.86 USD on mobile apps, as of the third quarter of 2022 according to Statista. Although app spending has cooled down over the past year, the market of mobile development remains attractive for many companies. 

Despite being seriously rivaled by Kotlin, Java is still a frequent choice when it comes to developing an app for Android. If you wound here, we believe that you have an excellent idea for your Android app and are looking for ways to implement it. A starting point for many businesses is partnering with a trusted provider of Java mobile development services. 

As a company that builds Java teams in Europe for businesses worldwide, we put together several recommendations when it comes to selecting a Java development company for mobile application development, which will help you forge fruitful relationships with the vendor of your choice. 

Find referrals for Java mobile development services

Obtaining recommendations is a good way to find a reliable Java development company for mobile application development. With that in mind, you may want to ask your tech leaders counterparts to match you up with firms that specialize in Java mobile development services. Even if they can’t come up with recommendations for companies specializing in Java per se, you can get general recommendations for good vendors of remote teams. Typically, such firms specialize in a variety of technologies, including Java, PHP, and Python, to name a few. 

Research Java development companies for mobile application development

Sometimes finding a Java development company for mobile application development through referrals is impossible. If that’s your case, you can go ahead and search for vendors that provide Java mobile development services to companies like yours. Given that app development is a hot request nowadays, it won’t be hard to shortlist a few solid options with expertise in your business vertical. For instance, we at nCube build app dev units for companies operating in Healthcare, Banking, eCommerce, SaaS, and more. After you prepare the list of vendors in your domain, take a look at their case studies to verify that the company has actual experience in Java. 

Contact your chosen providers of Java mobile development services

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list of Java development companies for mobile application development, you should contact them and hash out the details of your cooperation. To build a team, you may be required to share the functionalities you aim to develop. That will let your chosen vendors find candidates capable of building the solution you’re looking for.

Probably the most important aspect to discuss with your potential vendors is the cost. You can request the rate card to compare the cost of Java mobile development services of each vendor. The cost typically depends on the location where your provider builds a tech team for you. One of the most affordable places with a positive price-to-skill ratio is Eastern Europe. Typically, the cost of app development service in this region, as per, ranges from $25–$49 per hour. The fact that many prominent companies chose Eastern Europe to launch their tech offshoots is a great testament to the region’s ability to cover the global demand for tech talent. 

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Choose your Java development company for mobile application development

At this step, you will play a bit of a comparison game and choose the most suitable vendor. Your choice might be based on various criteria that will help you distinguish the best Java development company for mobile application development. 

Some of these criteria may include the following:

  • The ability to launch the team fast;
  • An internal screening process to ensure you only get suitable technologists;
  • A portfolio of success stories in application development;
  • A suitable pricing model;
  • Ability to meet your demands when it comes to cost-quality ratio.

We at nCube prioritize all these aspects when hiring Java talent for our clients. Acting as your trusted vendor of Java mobile development services, we will launch your app dev team in up to 4 weeks. When building your squad, we verify candidates’ tech skills and backgrounds during a series of internal interviews so you work with best-in-class Java talent. All engineers we provide are fully dedicated to your project, working for you 8 hours a day, 5 days per week. 

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Within a traditional outsourcing approach, it can be quite expensive to develop an app. Many providers charge a fixed rate for their service. While these companies may show you a solid portfolio, they rarely let you approve the team, let alone be in charge of the software development process. As a result, you can’t know who exactly works on your application and if the outcome will meet your expectations. With our approach to Java mobile development services, you will take part in every step of the process – from approving your team members to assigning tasks and communicating with the team directly.

The cost of our Java mobile development services isn’t fixed. With us, you will pay for the hours our provided Java developers invest in your project, plus a fee that goes into team retention services and IT infrastructure. 

Wrapping up

Choosing a provider of Java mobile development services requires a great deal of effort. When searching for a suitable company, you should take into account the following factors: portfolios, cost, team formation time, and more. Given the increasing number of providers on the market, finding a trusted technology partner can be challenging. nCube has more than 15 years of profound experience in building remote technology teams for app development. We can help you access and add skilled Java developers (and other tech talent as well) on a dedicated model. Contact us. 

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