A lack of tech talent can be a critical problem for any business, especially when approaching new tech challenges and complex software development projects. For that reason, many western businesses choose to work with remote teams of technology experts who can bring the necessary skills and knowledge to the table. Remote teams provide services that can all be described as different types of outsourcing. These include enterprise mobile development staff augmentation, team extension, custom software development, and other types of services.

As projected by Forbes, the software outsourcing market will grow by 70% between 2022 and 2023, which is a significant growth rate for any industry. So, why should you consider enterprise mobile development staff augmentation as a cooperation model for your project and how can you benefit from outsourced mobile development for enterprises? Let’s find out in the following sections.

When to go for mobile development staff augmentation?

There exists a variety of cooperation models that can be described as either outsourcing or outstaffing. Staff augmentation falls under the outstaffing umbrella term. This is a type of cooperation model in which a client gets access to software talent via a vendor and builds a team for the duration of the IT project. Offshore mobile development staff augmentation allows businesses to strengthen their existing in-house team with outstaffed talent from different countries to achieve higher efficiency of development. So, what are the conditions under which staff augmentation would be the best choice?

  • You have an in-house team of developers working on the project, but need additional talent to optimize its performance to achieve the goals of the project;
  • You need to scale your project up fast as you expand the functionality of your product or want to support its existing features with experts from abroad;
  • You have a tech lead but lack developers to join the team. In this case, the tech lead could engage external talent to power up the existing team;
  • You have full control over the development project and are able to handle the management of the outstaffed developers;
  • You need to speed up software development and hire top-tier developers fast but your local talent pool does not have many to offer.

Simply put, enterprise mobile development staff augmentation, and outstaffing in general, are perfect for when you already have an ongoing project and need to expand your team. That way, you can hire all the right people and reinforce your team with the world’s best experts easily. 

Benefits of enterprise mobile development staff augmentation

What are the main benefits of enterprise mobile development staff augmentation that make it stand out among different types of outsourcing and outstaffing? First and foremost, these are the flexibility and velocity of this cooperation model, but that is not all. Let us take a look at some of the core advantages of staff augmentation:

Fast recruitment and kick-off

Whenever you find yourself lacking adequate talent in the middle of a software development project, you will require fast and convenient team creation and launch. That is exactly what mobile development staff augmentation is for. With a top-tier staff augmentation partner, it will take around two to four weeks to launch a team. The kick-off speed might depend on the number of experts you need and the complexity of knowledge transfer. If you work with a reliable technology partner, you can save weeks and even months worth of time. 

Relative cost-efficiency 

Compared to custom software solution development, team augmentation is a much more cost-efficient option. Let us say you already have a team of five experts and you need five more experts for mobile development for enterprises. It would be cheaper to add five developers who would join the existing team than to kick the project off with a fully outsourced team. You will pay for the hours of work and outstaffed will developers function as a part of the existing team. You would avoid the exhausting process of headhunting and recruitment as your vendor will scout the needed talent for you.

Flexibility and scalability

The scope of your project can change throughout the development process. Offshore mobile development staff augmentation allows you to scale your team up and down fast. If the scope of your project expands, you can just hire a couple of developers from your outstaffing partner. If you suddenly need to shrink the scope of your project, you can exclude the developers from the team. This process goes much smoother than with in-house employees, all of whom have their contracts and specific conditions of termination. It is generally much more difficult to add and part ways with in-house employees, so team augmentation saves you tons of headaches.

Less administrative headaches

In the team augmentation model, the outstaffed experts function as a part of your team but their administration is handled by the vendor who provides the talent. It means that you will not have to take care of their payrolls, taxes, fees, days off, sick leaves, office administration, and all the minor details of their functioning. You only manage their performance on the project, the rest is handled by your outstaffing partner. That way you can focus on the project rather than administrative tasks. 

Staff augmentation is a convenient solution for ongoing projects that require fast scaling. This is especially relevant for startups as they often experience scaling challenges and team augmentation helps in overcoming them. To deal with these challenges, you need a reliable technology partner who can help you find the experts your project needs, for example, nCube. 

Enterprise development staff augmentation with nCube

As a provider of enterprise mobile development staff augmentation, we believe that this model is highly efficient and beneficial for businesses that already have ongoing projects and don’t have the time or capacity to hire in-house developers. With that in mind, we’ve helped such enterprises as Encore Capital, Greenpeace, doTerra, AstraZeneca, and many more to access top talent in Eastern Europe while alleviating the headaches associated with team expansion. Contact us if you’re looking for effective ways of scaling up your software development project and bringing new talent to your company.

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