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Published: 08 Apr 2022

Software Development

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Apart from a variety of success stories and case studies, any software development company has a portfolio of projects showing their experience in specific industries and domains. In this article, we are going to explore the domain expertise of custom software development companies worldwide and in Eastern Europe, in particular.

Overview of custom software development companies worldwide

There are over 21,500 firms that provide custom software development services in the world. The majority of them are small vendors with less than 50 experts in-house. The rest are midsize companies with 50+ specialists. According to Clutch, one of the largest platforms for B2B ratings and reviews, many custom software development companies specialize in delivering solutions in such domains as Financial services, eCommerce, Healthcare, and Information Technology.  

domain expertise of software development companies worldwide

Among software development companies, the most popular provided services include custom software development, web development, and mobile app development. 

We should also mention that you can find a lot of firms that have Marketing, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Media included in the list of industries they serve. However, if you are a representative of a rare or unique business domain, it may take more time to come across a tech partner with relevant experience. 

Domain expertise of software development companies in Eastern Europe

If you are looking for a software development company in Eastern Europe, the situation is similar to the global picture. Out of the 2,700+ companies located in this region, more than 1,000 list Information Technology among the industries they serve, alongside Healthcare, Business, Financial services, and eCommerce. 

domain expertise of software development companies in Eastern Europe

Custom software development companies in Eastern Europe have vast experience in Telecom and Automotive industries. While Information Technology as an industry takes a significant chunk of their portfolios (given that all these companies provide IT solutions), we would like to highlight other popular business domains they work with.  

Business and Financial services

Business and Financial services are often used as umbrella terms for a variety of software solutions and may cover solutions for Accounting, Financial departments, Fintech, and much more. Typically, such solutions demand great attention to security and adherence to industry standards in the course of software development.

Retail and eCommerce

The global pandemic has blurred the lines between traditional Retail and digital eCommerce. Now, many retailers that didn’t have any online presence before 2020 are working to develop and enhance their full-blown eCommerce platforms. Typically, custom software development for Retail and eCommerce companies means solving supply chain disruptions, scaling business models, optimizing and automating processes, as well as introducing new ways to get market insights, e.g. advanced analytics. 


When working with such a heavily regulated industry as Healthcare, software development firms require in-depth technical expertise and a profound understanding of compliances and policies. The variety of software solutions they provide is overwhelming and includes everything, from automation of routine processes, to building electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, along with complex research analytics solutions that can potentially revolutionize the industry. 


When it comes to Telecom, it is important to understand that the variety of potential solutions that fall under this category is enormous. These may include mobile and web applications, data analytics platforms, and even embedded software development. Overall, the share of software development companies that have experience working with Telecom projects in Eastern Europe is slightly higher as compared to the global scale. 

How to choose a custom software development company with the right domain expertise?

For this section, we’ve gathered some tips to help you find the best tech partner in your domain. Below are the steps you can take to shortlist potential vendors and finally choose the best custom software development company for your needs. 

  • Search various lists of companies in the chosen destination. Try to find different directories, listings, and articles that may provide information about available IT development companies and the industries they serve.
  • Compile a list of potential vendors. Most probably, it will take some time to sift through the information related to the types of their projects, client lists, case studies, and so on before you find an ideal vendor. If possible, eliminate the ones that might not be the best fit from the get-go. For example, if you are a startup, vendors that are too large may not pay due attention to your needs. Also, it’s best to avoid software development companies that do not disclose their client list at all. 
  • Be creative and think outside of the box. While looking for a software development firm with experience in your domain, software development is not the only category to look for in various listings. If you are looking for app development providers, browse dedicated directories dedicated to this type of service. Moreover, you can add some filters related to your industry to narrow down the list of potential partners.
  • Find every company on your list online and check their websites. Do they have experience you are looking for? Does their portfolio have projects similar to yours? Do they work with a tech stack you need? The answers to these questions will help you identify the best software development firms. 
  • Shortlist potential vendors. Find at least 5 options that seem like a good fit. They need to have experience in your domain, proper certifications, and most importantly — be available for your project.
  • Check reviews. Before contacting your chosen custom software development companies, make sure to dive into their testimonials and case studies first. Why was this vendor chosen? What kinds of services were provided? What was the result of cooperation? All these questions will help you find a tech partner with a relatable business approach and attitude. 
  • Send Requests for Information. At this point, you may have even set your mind on two or three custom software development companies. When communicating with them, ask if they have developed solutions for your domain in the past. Pay attention to other details as well, such as their available engagement models, legal aspects of cooperation, and so on. 

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