Pros and Cons of Bespoke Software Development


Published: 10 May 2022

Bespoke software development

Bespoke software development

Before we dive into our comparison, we should mention that we’ve reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of bespoke software development from an angle of a global firm with bases in Eastern Europe, Europe, and Latin America. Given that many of our clients are based in Western Europe, and the UK in particular, we’ve collected some insights that have inspired us to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of bespoke software development services.

Eastern Europe boasts a wide range of bespoke software development companies, which lets Western European firms build external units with the technical expertise they lack locally. In this article, we take a closer look at the positives and potential negatives of using bespoke software development so you can make an informed decision. 

Advantages of bespoke software development

Skilled tech talent. As a UK business, you have probably faced an intensified shortage of skilled software developers, especially during the pandemic when the need for such talent increased drastically. The fact that local businesses have to compete with tech giants poaching top developers only makes the problem worse. Luckily, an increasingly remote world allows companies to tap into global pools of technology talent, and thus choosing from a variety of bespoke software developers

Diversity of skill sets. Bespoke software development service providers, for example, nCube, can help you add developers from global pools of tech talent. We source talent from Eastern Europe for years, and we can confidently say that this region is seen by many UK businesses as rich tapestries of tech skills, including both programming languages and specific skills, for example, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Blockchain, and more. With that being said, it’s clear that when opting for bespoke software development in these zones, you’ll be able to easily augment your team with the right kind of expertise. 

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Short time-to-hire. When a diverse pool of technology talent is at your disposal, you have a higher likelihood of sourcing talent faster. When it comes to Eastern Europe, the supply of bespoke software developers is beyond sufficient. With nearly 1.3 million software developers, the region is more than ready to meet your demands when it comes to expanding your tech units. As a well-established bespoke software development company in the local labor market, we can guarantee a standard time-to-hire of 2-4 weeks.

Cost reduction. If you want to reduce your spending on an in-house team, bespoke software development services is the best solution. You can count on flat-rate pricing where you only pay for the time your full-time bespoke software developers worked out in a month. Besides, the vendor will do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to recruitment, IT infrastructure, and employee retention services, including health insurance and paid vacation time, which allows you to cut costs significantly. 

Focus on your business. While software development is essential, any business requires investment attraction, market research, marketing, and business analysis. In this regard, your team of bespoke software developers will act as a self-standing tech unit, which the provider will take care of by delivering a wide range of team retention services. That way, you can cross out the duty of recruitment and team administration off your list and enjoy an improved focus on your business.  

Innovation. Bespoke software development is a good way to bring a fresh perspective, especially if you lack technical know-how. If that is your case, collaborating with a bespoke software development agency can be the source of the required expertise you’ve been looking for. Our team at nCube excels at sourcing skilled IT experts and problem-solvers who can develop the best solution for you. 

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Disadvantages of bespoke software development

Potential communication barriers. Having a set of remote collaboration and communication tools is not enough – running an international team often requires expertise and a well-rounded strategy. Luckily, companies based in the UK don’t have to grapple with time zone differences, at least when working with bespoke software developers from Eastern Europe. With an insignificant time zone difference of 2-3 hours, your teams will be perfectly synchronised. 

Cultural differences. This can be a significant barrier when it comes to working with a team from a different spot on a culture map. Although Eastern Europe is close to Western Europe when it comes to culture, it may take some time and effort to recalibrate your communication style to avoid potential misunderstandings between your UK and Eastern Europe units. For example, a good way to establish solid communication is by putting everything in writing, for example, extensive meeting notes. If you set up your communication properly, bespoke software development will definitely add a lot of value to your company. 

Extensive management. Bespoke software development may require extensive management on your side than an in-house team. Working with a bespoke software development company often assumes managing the software development process as you see fit, which can be a downside when you don’t have the in-house capacity to organise this process efficiently. Thus, it may be best to search for vendors that will be ready to take control over processes. 

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Who are beneficiaries of bespoke software development services?

Considering the pros and cons of bespoke software development, who will find this solution most beneficial? In our experience, the following types of companies benefit most from it:

Companies with multiple projects. Many leaders find it hard to build an extra development unit to execute a particular development task. In this case, your bespoke software development unit can be a stronghold of tech expertise, working on your goal, without distracting your team working on your core project. 

Companies that handle sensitive information. Working with a bespoke software development company allows businesses to protect their sensitive data. Unlike working with freelancers who are not bound by any formal agreements, vendors of bespoke software developers ensure that the necessary steps are taken – from signing in the service-level agreement and NDA contracts to committing to enhanced risk-management policies. 

Long-term projects. Bespoke software development offers a focused approach when it comes to long-term commitments. For example, when you source bespoke software developers through nCube they will become an integral part of your team. We guarantee that your team will work on your goals for as long as you need it. We always aim to provide a comfortable working environment for all your team members, which significantly increases retention rate. 

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How nCube’s model of bespoke software development works

At nCube, our approach allows you to make the most of bespoke software development services. Here’s what we offer:

  • A personal approach:

We provide bespoke software developers according to your description and vision of an ideal candidate. This way, we build a team of specialists who are a perfect fit for your tech and communication skills requirements. 

  • Direct access to the team: 

Our approach to bespoke software development assumes that you will communicate and work with the team directly, managing the team and processes as you see fit. It means that your remote team becomes an integral cog in your organisation, supporting your in-house unit. 

  • Only relevant candidates:

With nCube, you can add best-in-class bespoke software developers to your team, as all candidates you’ll interview have made the cut after our internal screening, including hard skills + soft skills check and English proficiency test. Eastern European market is ripe with skilled developers with valuable experience working at UK-based firms, which means they have relevant tech expertise and excellent communication skills and are ready to contribute to your business as well. 

Let’s connect to discuss whether or not bespoke software development is a good solution for you and how we at nCube can help you build your external tech unit.

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