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Published: 29 Jun 2022

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Hungarian developers

It’s no surprise that the global demand for software developers is not going anywhere. That’s why tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, or Adobe and smaller companies alike try to tap into the global pool of talent. While there are still debates on which option in-house or offshore development center is better, hiring talented specialists abroad has been a booming trend. 

One such option is to hire Hungarian developers who are competent English speakers and have experience working in an international environment. With more than 80,000 IT specialists, the country offers ample opportunities to complement your development team. Let’s find out more about sourcing Hungarian software development specialists, the main reasons to choose them, and the possible nuances that come alongside this process.

Why consider Hungary for software development?

Hungary has seen a huge growth in IT services over the last few years, generating billions of dollars annually. Not to mention that IT services in Hungary contribute up to 9% of export services, making it a sizable niche in the overall structure of the economy. As one of the primary software development hubs in the country, Budapest is home to dozens of well-known enterprises. Some of the most prominent IT companies in Hungary are T-Mobile, Mcdonald’s, Microsoft, and Kodak. What drives these companies to look for Hungarian developers? Some of the most appealing reasons for taking software development to Hungary are:

  1. Cost – Hungary is a relatively cheap destination for software development when compared to other popular destinations. The usual hourly rates range from $20 to $60, depending on the tech stack and expertise of the Hungarian developers you need.
  2. A vast talent pool – Hungary has approximately 80,000 software development specialists, a huge number for a 10-million-country. Additionally, Hungarian universities heavily emphasize and capitalize on software development programs, generating thousands of fresh specialists annually.
  3. Solid English proficiency – Most Hungarian developers can communicate in English adequately, making it easier for companies to manage the development process. In particular, Hungary is among the top 30 most skilled countries regarding English proficiency.
  4. Time zone – Hungary is situated in the GMT+2 time zone, which is not a major difference from other European countries. This time zone makes it a suitable pick for sourcing the most talented Hungarian developers and integrating them into your existing team.
  5. Culture – Hungary has a culture that is similar to many Western countries, making it an easy transition for companies taking their software development to Hungary.

Sourcing Hungarian developers can be a fruitful way to complement your existing team or create a new remote team from scratch.

Nuances to know when looking for IT companies in Hungary

While the advantages of hiring Hungarian developers are astonishing, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. Some of the most obvious considerations of taking software development to Hungary include:

  • While the English level of most Hungarian developers is decent, the communication skills might be backpedaling a bit. When hiring Hungarian developers, make sure to conduct thorough interviews to see if their communication skills are a good match for your business needs.
  • It’s no surprise that the IT services are Budapest-centered. In other words, you’ll probably struggle to find a comprehensive IT hub outside the country’s capital. That’s because most companies providing IT services in Budapest, as well as software development talent, are concentrated in the capital, so you might have issues finding skillful talents in other parts of the country.
  • Even though Hungary has a solid number of skilled software developers, the total number of specialists is still lower than in neighboring countries. For instance, as an alternative to Hungarian developers, you may consider Ukrainian or Polish specialists, as these countries boast larger pools of tech talent. 

While these nuances are somewhat minor, considering them beforehand is a must. Please note that Hungary is still a hub of thousands of specialists who can become a great match for your company.

Choosing a cooperation model with Hungarian Developers

There are a few approaches that allow you to add Hungarian developers to your organization. You may stumble upon various modes and struggle to choose the one that matches your business needs the most. Let’s review some of the most popular cooperation models that you can use to access skilled software specialists.

Independent Developers

One of the most obvious options to work with Hungarian developers is by using freelance portals. Don’t forget about the significant freelance repositories, such as Upwork and Hired, which entail numerous profiles of solid Hungarian developers. While you can easily add a skilled software developer on such platforms, you may want to choose a different model to work with contractors.

Recruitment Services

Another option that some companies choose is the help of recruitment services. These agencies are primarily responsible for selecting, interviewing, and short-listing candidates. A recruitment agency is a decent pick when you’re looking for a specialist with a narrow range of skills and competencies. 

Remote IT companies in Hungary

When you have experience with cross-matching different specialists, you know it might be better to build a remote team by using a specialized IT company in Hungary. You will integrate Hungarian developers into your business processes and speed up your project’s progress. When you form a solid partnership with a remote team, you can be confident that Hungarian software development specialists will enhance your development process.


Hungary is a country with a vast pool of skilled software specialists that can be hired to boost your development progress. On the one hand, Hungarian developers are professional, cost-effective, and located in a suitable time zone. On the other hand, you should be careful and conduct thorough interviews to hire people with decent English and communication skills. Last but not least, take your time to pick the most suitable partnership model that can take your business to new heights. 

Overall, Hungary seems to be a well-rounded outsourcing destination full of competent developers that can be hired at a decent rate. Contact us to discuss your needs and let’s see if building a software development team in Hungary can add value to your business.

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