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Published: 23 May 2022

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how to hire vuejs developer

Creating a web application is a priority for many companies nowadays. All JavaScript frameworks, and Vue.js in particular, provide a solid foundation to deliver a robust application faster. According to a recent StackOverflow report, Vue.js ranks 5th among commonly used web frameworks. Although the technology is quite popular, hiring a Vue.js developer can be difficult. To guide you through this challenge, we have put together this guide that will help you learn about possible ways to source Vue.js experts.

Where to hire skilled Vue.js developers?

This question is probably the first one that comes to mind when you consider going with Vue.js for web development. As a company that provides Vue.js talent on-demand, we can say that there are several options that let you access and hire Vue.js developers, but none of them are one-size-fits-all solutions. So, be sure to review them from the lens of your company, its needs and capabilities. 

“Turn-key” Vue.js app development services

This kind of service lets you delegate your web application development to a third-party company that will use their internal Vue.js developers (and if there’s a need, other specialists as well) to work on your web application. Here’s the rundown of the main features of Vue.js app development services

Process. Vue.js app development services provide you with a web development team to get your project done. Your role as a client here is to provide your project requirements and specifications, which will be used by the vendor’s team to deliver your project by the set date. In this approach, your role will be hands-off, as the duties of the team manager will rest on the provider’s shoulders. At the end of the cooperation, you will gain access to the code base, documentation, and a finished product. 

Communication with the team. While you can technically hire Vue.js developers with this approach, you will not have direct access to the team members. During your cooperation with a vendor of Vue.js app development services, you will communicate with an assigned project manager or account manager on their side, but not the team members personally. 

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Recruitment. Providers of Vue.js app development services usually take care of building a team without bringing you into the loop. As a result, your team can be made up of fully or partially dedicated developers who will work on your goals behind the scenes. For you, the personalities of the Vue.js developers working on your project will be shrouded in mystery. 

Dedicated Vue.js programming services

A dedicated approach to hiring Vue.js developers has a lot in common with  “turn-key” approaches –  both allow you to build a team of developers. However, there’s a significant difference when it comes to your role as a client. Let’s take a more in-depth look. 

Process. A dedicated approach assumes that your team of Vue.js developers (or other specialists) will be solely dedicated to your project. When using a dedicated Vue.js programming service, you as the client (or someone on your side) will play the role of a team leader for the squad gathered by the provider. Your Vue.js developers will work on your tasks and goals, while you retain full control over the web development process. 

Communication with the team. Unlike the “turn-key” model, with dedicated Vue.js programming services the client is always in the picture when it comes to the management and communication with the team. When hiring Vue.js developers through this model, you will monitor their daily activities, assign tasks, and generally integrate them into your team. The client is included in the entire process, from interviewing Vue.js developers all the way to the launch of the web application. 

Recruitment. While the vendor of dedicated Vue.js programming services is responsible for hiring Vue.js developers, the client is always included in a transparent, multi-step recruitment process and makes the final decision to hire. Before you meet pre-selected candidates, the vendor handpicks Vue.js developers and screens them for tech skills (including a practical test for Vue.js functional programming), English proficiency, and company fit. 

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Hiring Vue.js developers on freelance platforms

It would be remiss not to mention such a common (and relatively simple) way to hire Vue.js developers as freelance platforms. Adding freelancers to your team is a proven recipe for a quick scale-up. With this approach, you can easily find and add Vue.js talent, at the rates that fit your budget. 

Process. Overall, freelancers are a crowd that requires extensive oversight and continuous guidance. When hiring Vue.js developers via a freelance platform, you expect that they will dive into your project right away to pick up the slack when it comes to the skills you lack. In reality, it takes some time to onboard freelancers, and, of course, we shouldn’t forget about the common fear of anyone who manages freelancers: They may go off the grid at will, causing foiled deadlines and stress for the rest of the team. 

Communication with the team. Freelance teams are rarely autonomous units, so they will be fully reliant on constant feedback and communication with you and the rest of your team. If you plan to hire Vue.js developers on a freelance basis and manage them yourself – you’ll have to keep the task of communication with freelancers on your daily agenda. Checking if there are any messages pending from them and answering on time is crucial not to create bottlenecks. 

Recruitment. Thanks to the availability of talent, you can add skilled and experienced freelance Vue.js experts pretty fast. The peculiarity of recruiting them is that you will have to sift through tons of portfolios yourself, without professional pre-screening services, like a professional Vue.js development company. Chances are high, you risk wasting a lot of time before you find that gem that has relevant experience in Vue.js functional programming in your domain. 

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nCube: Your Vue.js development company

If you’re looking to add Vue.js talent to your team, the best way to do it is via a solid Vue.js development company, for example, nCube. 

Our approach is highly appreciated by those companies that already have in-house web development teams and need to staff their existing team with Vue.js developers. At your request, we can build a full-blown web development team that includes Vue.js talent and other specialists that will work on your web development project under your management. 

In our model, we source Vue.js experts who will act as if they were members of your internal staff. The team members will work with you full-time, 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday. 

Not only does our approach let you hire Vue.js developers but also you will have direct access to team members. It means you’ll have the benefit of overseeing the web development processes as you see fit. Working under your management, your Vue.js experts will stick to your communication style and adopt your methods of software development, becoming an organic extension of your team. 

On our side, as your reliable Vue.js development company, we at nCube will have your back when it comes to team member retention, providing such services as team building, insurance, HR and tax support, motivation, and will help set up IT infrastructure for your developers, and more. Thanks to this, our company boasts an average retention rate of 3.5 years, which means most developers endure throughout the lifetime of the client’s project. 

We are experts in hiring Vue.js developers from such hotbeds of global tech talent as Eastern Europe and Latin America so you can get access to thousands of Vue.js experts located in these regions. Our partners who chose us as their Vue.js development company can attest to our ability to source skilled talent and build sustainable web development teams.

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Let’s connect and discuss how we can help you hire Vue.js developers. We might be able to show you some candidates today. 

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