How to Hire Salesforce Developers


Published: 27 Dec 2023


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Businesses need efficient tools to handle customer relationships. One such tool is Salesforce, a multifunctional platform, that is the right fit for this purpose. As a CRM, it gives companies various tools to improve customer relationships, automate the sales process, integrate third-party services, and boost marketing and customer service. 

However, Salesforce goes beyond managing customer relationships. It offers a wide range of Cloud solutions, including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Commerce Cloud, to name a few. 

Salesforce developers are experts at integrating these features. They can create and configure solutions based on this platform according to the needs of a company. 

The popularity of Salesforce developers is evident, as world-famous companies like Adidas, Spotify, AWS, Canon, Philips, Toyota, American Express, Western Union, Cisco, and KLM source these professionals for Salesforce custom development. 

Overall, 150,000+ companies globally across every major vertical grow their businesses with Salesforce. With top-tier companies being hungry for top Salesforce talent, it’s no wonder other businesses have to struggle with Salesforce developer hiring. 

As a software development company, we’re dedicated to helping you build an excellent team of Salesforce developers. In this post, we’ll go over tried and tested hiring ways to add Salesforce developers to your team. We’ll also highlight the crucial skills of these professionals you can use during the interviewing process. 

What to look for while looking for a custom Salesforce software developer?

Salesforce developers make the most of various Salesforce tools to develop functionalities tailored specifically to the needs of a business. If you want to add salesforce developers to your team, it’s key to understand their skills. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Apex programming

Apex enables Salesforce custom development, giving the possibility to tailor software to the business’s needs and interact with the Salesforce database. Simply put, it’s the glue that holds Salesforce-powered solutions together. 

  • SQL 

Knowledge of this programming language is crucial for effective work with Salesforce databases.

  • Visualforce and Lightning

Salesforce developers use these crucial frameworks to create intuitive and attractive user interfaces fit for various tasks. Moreover, thanks to Lighting, they can create reusable components which reduces development time. 

  • Web development 

Given that Salesforce is a common technology for web development, Salesforce developers need to keep their skills sharp when it comes to such frontend staples as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

  • Integrations

Social media, email, and payment gates – your product may require all these integrations and more. A Salesforce developer’s task is to effectively connect your software with services and solutions your business requires. 

  • Salesforce certification

The platform provides various certificates that demonstrate the proficiency of Salesforce developers from basic like Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I to more advanced like Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. 

  • Business acumen

Not only does Salesforce custom development require tech skills but also an understanding of your domain and the specifics of your business. A Salesforce developer must be able to analyze your business needs to come up with optimal solutions. 

‍So, we’ve highlighted the key Salesforce developers’ skills. Now let’s cover the essential steps of building your Salesforce team.

salesforce developers skills

How to build your Salesforce custom development team

Today’s IT market offers ample opportunities for adding Salesforce developers to your team. The most common options include hiring off freelance platforms, looking for Salesforce development services, or in-house staffing. 

  • Freelance Salesforce developers

Freelance platforms offer excellent opportunities to source self-employed Salesforce developers for your team. In many scenarios, this is a good solution if you’re looking to bring in more hands to your internal team. However, it requires the internal capability to conduct tech skills interviews and identify the best-in-class candidates to join your project. 


Integrating freelancers into your Salesforce custom development team can help you reduce the software development budget, given this is one of the most cost-saving options for hiring developers. Also, it’s a great repository to find experts for routine tasks or add developers for sporadic projects – whenever extra hands are needed.


The biggest concern is that freelance experts require constant control on your part. From communication to verifying the quality of their work – you’ll need to keep your hand on the pulse all the time. Besides that, freelancers tend to go off the grid, which may put your project at risk of missing deadlines. 

  • An in-house team of Salesforce developers

Having a team of Salesforce developers working from your office gives you more control over the development process than adding freelancers. 


Building an internal team for Salesforce custom development is a good idea for long-term projects. Such projects require in-depth involvement of team members, which freelancers can hardly provide. 


The biggest challenge with in-house teams of software developers is a long time to hire. On average, according to Glassdoor research, it takes about 40 days to add a developer. The hiring cycle is typically multi-step including several rounds of interviews. Developers, typically, cannot start immediately. It can be weeks before they are fully onboarded. Another challenge is that you often have to compete with other companies salary-wise and be quick at hiring before seasoned developers are snatched away quickly. Moreover, apart from salary, you need to include employee bonuses, perks, the cost of overhead, and IT infrastructure in your budget. At the same time, solutions such as Salesforce development services let you only pay for the hours invested by Salesforce developers, plus a vendor’s fee. 

  • Salesforce development services

Nowadays, adding Salesforce developers through such approaches as Staff Augmentation or a Dedicated Team has become commonplace. Salesforce development services like nCube will help you build your own remote team fast. Moreover, sourcing developers in such affordable regions as Eastern Europe or LATAM will help you from 40% to 70% of overall costs, according to Accelerance. These regions are ripe with skilled software developers with experience in many domains working in a distributed environment. 

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Here’s a breakdown of Salesforce developers’ population and salary by country, according to LinkedIn and PayScale data. 

salesforce developer salary


The biggest benefit of Salesforce development services is that they can provide you with a Salesforce developer for as long as you need them. Vendors typically have access to a network of Salesforce developers at their fingertips, which lets you kickstart your project much faster. For instance, we can provide you with suitable candidates within 24-48 hours after our initial call. Additionally, you can add more developers when your project needs it or shrink down the size of the team as the project runs its course. Most importantly, the team formation process is tailored to your needs and only you decide who you want to add to your squad. Finally, a provider will take care of the full integration of Salesforce developers into your staff and help you establish the right communications. 

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Salesforce development services imply a remote type of work. If you work with a provider in Eastern Europe or LATAM, you must find ways to work through the time difference. This is more challenging than managing a team onsite. Yet, if you source a Salesforce developer from a country located in a country with minimal time difference, it will be much simpler to synchronize your teams. 

how to hire salesforce developers

Why hire Salesforce developers with nCube

  • nCube is a global staff augmentation company with 15 years of experience in software development. We have successfully augmented multiple teams around the world specializing in eCommerce, Fintech, Healthcare, and Marketing. 
  • We have established long-term partnerships with such market leaders as Greenpeace, AstraZeneca, Dentsply Sirona, Life360, and Encore Capital, to name a few. 
  • We have a vast network of Salesforce developers located in Eastern Europe and LATAM, so your company can benefit from geographic proximity, a minimal time zone difference, and cultural similarity. 
  • The team we provide will be dedicated to your project, working for you 5 days per week/8 hours per day. Within our model, you’ll manage the team directly, while we take care of the rest – employee’s comfort, payroll, bonuses, and more. 

We will help you get the most out of staff augmentation by providing personalized team formation, a fast launch of your remote branch, a full dedication approach with all engineers, and a focus on building a sustainable Salesforce team. Let’s connect. 

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