How to Benefit From Software Product Engineering Services


Published: 21 Oct 2022

Software product engineering

software product development services

In times of tech talent deficit, you may wonder how to access skilled talent and build your tech unit faster. In this regard, using software product engineering services is a good way to compensate for the expertise you lack on-site. Many companies, including our clients such as AstraZeneca, Greenpeace, CrossEngage, Life360, have benefited from hiring an external provider, as it has helped them increase the team’s capacity by adding skillful engineers. The benefits of this approach go beyond that. In this post, we shed light on other advantages of software product engineering services and ways to select the best provider. 

Pros of software product engineering services for your business

  • Access to pools of tech talent. Adding experts from offshore/nearshore locations lets companies backfill their vacancies with experts with the right kind of expertise. One notable pool of tech talent we have access to is Eastern Europe with more than 1M IT specialists available. 
  • Increased delivery capacity. Software product engineering services can bring flexibility to your project. You can easily add the needed skills to your tech unit or decrease the number of team members without dealing with formalities associated with in-house staff. 
  • Cost saving. By partnering with a provider of software product engineering services you can cut back on such expenses as HR, team retention, payroll, and recruitment, as these aspects are typically handled by the vendor.
  • Fast team launch. Using this approach, you can launch and expand your software product engineering team faster. With access to a vast network of engineers, a vendor like nCube can help you assemble a team in a matter of weeks so you can dive into your project without delays. 

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How to pick the best provider of software product engineering

Outline your requirements. Before you start looking for vendors of software product engineering services, you should define what you want to accomplish. It’s essential to have a detailed project scope your team will use in the course of software product engineering, including milestones, time-frames, deliverables, tech stack, etc. Your vendor will use your requirements to assemble a delivery unit with relevant skills. 

Develop evaluation criteria for providers. The process of vendor selection should be guided by a set of criteria when it comes to their expertise, experience, domain, portfolio, model of cooperation, time-to-hire a candidate, and more. It’s a good practice to create a list of qualities you want your potential vendor to have in advance, given that the market is oversaturated and you don’t want to lose focus when choosing a provider. 

Select potential providers. At this step, you should review various websites and directories to identify relevant vendors. Then, make a list of companies that specialize in building teams for software product engineering based on the evaluation criteria for providers you created in the previous stage.  

Verify your chosen vendors. When seeking relevant software product engineering services, you need to dive into the websites, portfolios, client reviews, etc. Your goal is to find out the types of companies they work with, projects they take up, areas of expertise of their clients, etc. At this point, you may end up narrowing down your list of potential providers to firms you’d like to contact and learn more about their model of cooperation. 

When verifying potential providers, you can dive into testimonials, references, and reviews from their past clients. You can get in touch with the leaders of those companies and find out about their experience with the vendor in question. 

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Contact your chosen vendors. Set up a meeting with each vendor to go over your requirements for software product engineering services and see if you can reach a common understanding. During this stage, pay attention to the communication with the vendor. Everything matters, from their response time to models of cooperation and pricing. 

Complete negotiations. After you chose a provider of software product engineering services, discuss and document your expectations from the team they are going to build. Only you as a client know what’s best for your business, so you should be a part of the entire process when it comes to making decisions to hire, communicating, and overseeing the product development process. 

Launch your software product engineering center. This is the final stage where the team you built with the provider sets your product development in motion. Ideally, the vendor of software product engineering services will help you to create and optimize sustainable communications with your unit, including regular team meetings, daily standups, updates, and more. If you choose our model, you’ll be communicating with your team personally and overseeing the entire product development process first-hand. 

Why choose nCube as your provider of software product engineering services? 

  • We have 15+ years of experience in building product development teams for our clients worldwide;
  • With our access to a rich network of engineers in Eastern Europe and Latin America, you can launch your team faster than locally;
  • We take care of team retention, HR support, IT infrastructure, payroll, insurance, and employee bonuses, so you can cross out these expenses from your software development budget;
  • Engineers we provide will become part of your internal team, as our approach is to provide you with a strategic product team extension. Contact us. 
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