Why are the Best Java Development Companies in Eastern Europe?

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Yulia Borusiuk

Published: 28 Feb 2022

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If you have been looking for top Java development companies in Europe and found yourself at a loss, we will help you figure out where exactly to look for the best providers. In this article, we are going to discuss:

  • The demand for Java specialists worldwide;
  • Top Java development companies in Europe;
  • 5 key reasons to opt for Java development companies in East Europe.

Global demand for Java expertise

At the beginning of 2022, the worldwide need for solid Java experts only increased. In the US labor market alone, there were more than 100,000 unfilled positions for Java developers. In the European Union, this number was lower but no less impressive – nearly 40,000 Java developer vacancies. Businesses in the UK were looking for over 5,550 specialists.


demand for java experts in the US, UK, Europe

These numbers show that companies are fighting for every single expert out there, and sometimes have to wait for months to hire just one Java specialist.

Analysis of Java development companies in Europe

As of February 2022, Clutch lists almost 2,100 Java development companies in Europe. More than 65% of these companies are small boutique agencies with less than 50 employees aboard. The companies that claim to have Java expertise in Europe typically partner with businesses in eCommerce, healthcare, financial, and manufacturing industries.


domain expertise of Java development companies in Europe

If we take a closer look at these companies, we will see that many of the top Java development companies in Europe are actually located in Eastern Europe. So why should you choose them?

Why look for top Java companies in Eastern Europe

Out of the general number of companies in Europe, half of them are located in Eastern Europe. So what makes Western businesses choose Eastern European Java companies? Why does this destination stand out? Here are five reasons that make more and more businesses opt for remote Java teams in this region.

  • A large number of Java developers in the region 

Overall, there are around 300,000 Java specialists in Eastern Europe. Countries with the largest number of these experts are Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. Poland is home to 80,000+ Java engineers; however, the lion's share of them is working for companies that provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. Next comes Ukraine with a little over 50,000 engineers. The third place is taken by Romania with 47,000 developers. The combined tech talent pool of the Baltic region and Moldova hardly exceeds 20,000 specialists.

Another aspect to take into account is the number of companies competing for Java engineers. There are fewer tech giants or global companies present in the region. Considering the fierce demand for tech talent in Western Europe, you can tap into the pool with much lower competition by choosing a Java development company in Eastern Europe. It will help you access better experts in a shorter time frame. 

  •  A variety of companies to choose from

We have already mentioned the overall number of Java development companies in Europe. Let’s zoom in on the companies that are operating in Eastern Europe. A little under 400 Java firms have their headquarters, offices, and/or delivery centers in Ukraine. Poland is the home to 300+ Java development vendors. Another 180+ providers are located in Romania. 

We are deliberately not covering Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, or Moldova in this article, as there are less than 100 Java companies combined in these countries. On top of that, many vendors in this region are small providers with less than 50 experts. 

Many of the Eastern European vendors are recognized by international industry rankings like IAOP, GSA UK Awards, and many others. This proves that these companies can match Western colleagues when it comes to their expertise and the standards they follow.

  • Wide domain expertise

Another important thing to consider is the domain expertise of companies in Eastern Europe. Similar to the Western European scene, companies in Eastern Europe have extensive expertise in Java development for eCommerce and healthcare industries. Unlike Western European companies, these vendors have also experience delivering Java solutions for IT companies. 

However, this doesn’t mean that other industries are left without any attention. You can see that vendors in Eastern Europe have wide domain expertise that ranges from advertising & marketing to supply chain, logistics, and transportation.

  • A constant influx of new specialists

We should also mention the number of IT graduates in every country. With the rising demand for qualified specialists, Eastern Europe has a constant supply of new specialists that enter the market every year. In Ukraine, Poland, and Romania the combined number of Computer Science grads exceeds 40,000 people.

In these countries, higher education is government-funded, so aspiring Java developers can easily obtain a relevant degree in Computer Science. On top of that, many companies have in-house courses, training programs, and educational activities to help specialists transition to IT from other spheres. 

  • Excellent technical expertise

And last but not least, Eastern European engineers are recognized for their expertise, skills, and experience. The SkillValue report shows that among the top 10 countries with the most skilled engineers five positions are occupied by Eastern Europe. In the TopCoder ranking, Ukraine and Poland are in the top 10 countries. And, according to the 2021 EF English Proficiency Index, all of the countries in the region have either high or moderate English proficiency. For comparison, among the countries with similar proficiency levels are Switzerland, France, and Spain.

Final thoughts

So if you are looking for top Java development companies in Europe, it will be much easier to find a reliable vendor in Eastern Europe than in any other region. Countries there have a significant tech talent pool and a variety of firms of all sizes and specializations. We can also add a favorable business climate recognized by the Ease of Doing Business Ranking by the World Bank and the growing expertise in innovation marked by the Bloomberg Innovation Index. But we think that all of the above-mentioned reasons are enough to make an informed decision. 

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