What to Expect When You Hire a Ukrainian Developer?

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Published: 07 Oct 2018

Software Development

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Software development in Ukraine: key numbers

You are running an important project. Something as huge as Falcon Heavy. Everything goes as planned and suddenly, you get stuck. You realize that your project needs a push to get off the ground. You start looking for developers as talented as you have in-house and keep hitting the wall. That’s when you make a decision to consider nearshore opportunities.

Ukraine is a leading outsourcing destination. You probably feel hesitant about it, but it’s fine – you want to make an informed decision. Our article will show you the magic of IT in Ukraine, along with the nine magical secrets at the end.

Rank of languages popularity DOU data

Ukraine developeres

Nearly 135,000 ukrainian programmers and software developers of all seniority levels work at technology companies and development centers. According to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, Ukraine is among top software outsourcing destinations in 2018.

The vast majority of IT resources are located in cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Odesa. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is a large IT hub – it is a home for hundreds of outsourcing companies. All of them have thousands of vacancies for developers of all seniority levels and diverse skills. Here is the rank of languages by popularity in 2017 survey.

Ukrainian outsourcing companies are globally recognized by global research organizations, such as Outsourcing Journal, CEEOA, Gartner, A.T. Kearney. Here are some factors due to which Ukraine has been ranked high on these lists.


Ukraine offers an extensive pool of certified technology experts – more than 50% of them have a degree in one of the STEM fields. Over 35,000 IT graduates join the IT job market yearly. Due to a strong technical background, many Ukrainian graduates are able to compete internationally in terms of their skills and English proficiency. In fact, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, one of the biggest universities for all IT specialists, is considered to be up on par with Europe’s leading universities.


Ukraine is Europe’s technology talent powerhouse – there are 135,000 IT specialists working officially for outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Given that this number excludes freelancers, the digit can be doubled.

The number of software engineers who work in outsourcing speaks for itself – they have proven to be dedicated, motivated and involved in the process, which is why many world’s leading companies choose Ukraine to run their remote offices, for example Samsung, Netcracker, War Gaming, Sitecore, SimCorp, Magento, ABBYY, Aricent, among others.

Your communication when hire Ukrainiad developer NCube


Most companies outsourcing to Ukraine choose English as a cross-team communication language. At least upper-intermediate English proficiency is a must for the IT field. In fact, it’s one of the key requirements for landing a job for Ukraine developer at an outsourcing company.

Due to the fact that English is taught as a second language in almost every educational institution, 80% of IT specialists are able to communicate their ideas clearly, read and write documentation in English. Nearly all Ukrainian companies have English classes on their perks list.

Time zones and flight destinations

Kyiv is a major international flight destination – you can fly to 84 destinations with 31 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic. Direct flights from Kyiv (Boryspil International Airport):

  • Kyiv-Frankfurt: 2 hours 20 minutes by Lufthansa.
  • Kyiv-Amsterdam: 2 hours 55 minutes by KLM.
  • Kyiv-London: 3 hours 25 minutes by UIA.
  • Kyiv-New York: 10 hours and 40 minutes by UIA.

Ukraine is ranked 24th according to the Global Passport Power Rank. In 2018, Ukrainians can travel to 90 countries visa-free, plus to 41 countries maintaining visas-upon-arrival policy.

Ukraine is in GMT +3 time zone, with a 7-hour difference with New York and a 1-2-hour difference with European cities. Ukraine developers willingly adjust their working hours to synchronize with head offices.

Quality and costs when outsourcing in Ukraine DOU data

Quality vs. Cost

Ukraine offers a cost-effective way of outsourcing the development – their hourly rates are generally 40%-60% lower in comparison with their European and North American counterparts and with specialists having identical skills and educational background. According to the recent data, the average salary of a software developer residing in Kyiv is approximately $26,000 / year. Here’s a breakdown of IT specialists' salary in Ukraine from the last year.


Ukraine offers unique cultural vicinity to Europe and North America, where an individual’s aspirations depend on committing to the goal. Ukrainians value a healthy work-life balance while staying dedicated and motivated to grow as professionals.

Nine Secrets about Ukraine

  1. It’s a true powerhouse of data science experts and niche-skilled specialists, for example, blockchain.
  2. Lots of startups were founded in Ukraine and moved to the Valley.
  3. Programmers with advanced English proficiency earn top salaries. But if you take a smart PM, you won’t require everyone on your team to be a fluent speaker. This is a good way to reduce the cost of development.
  4. Kyiv is the biggest IT hub, so you can easily find any specialist there.
  5. Lviv is the most western city, and its downtown doesn’t resemble typical Ukrainian cities.
  6. Today, Ukraine is IT-obsessed, and juniors’ salaries are dropping.
  7. IT specializations are the most popular ones in universities across the country.
  8. Odessa is a destination for those who love IT and a sea view.
  9. The last but the most magical secret – learn it on Triokhsviatitelska street, 13 (one mysterious house number) where the office of NCube, a legendary outsourcing company is located.


Ukraine combines world-class engineering talent with attractive costs. This country inspires tech leaders worldwide to set up multiple development centers. Here are key things you can expect while working with a Ukrainian engineer:

  • A strong educational background in one of the STEM fields.
  • At least upper-intermediate English language proficiency.
  • On average, a $25-hour rate, depending on the engineer’s seniority.
  • European values, vision, and mindset.
  • Experience working on a geographically distributed team.
  • Stress-free team visits due to convenient flight connections.
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