How to Hire a Programmer in Ukraine?

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Published: 11 Jun 2019

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Hiring a computer programmer in Ukraine can be overwhelming, especially if you are going to do it from afar. In this article, we share advice for technology leaders looking to weave Ukrainian developers into their software development process. We will also walk you through the possible ways of finding engineers and share some tips on how to identify the best-in-class tech talent in this region.

Where to hire programmers in Ukraine?

Our recruiters use numerous channels for hiring a programmer. Here are some of the most commonly used tools in their toolbox for you to try out: 

  • Djinni
  • Forums for developers
  • Invite-only channels in Telegram and Facebook
  • LinkedIn (Ukrainian region)
  • Events and conferences


Djinni is an incredibly useful tool for those who want to find a programmer for hire in any Ukrainian city. This is a platform where Ukrainian developers can search for projects anonymously. With this resource, you can tap into a vast talent pool – there are commonly more than 300 programmers for hire listed for the most popular skills like Java, .NET, and JS. Djinni is an incredibly useful tool for those who want to find IT talents with any skill in any Ukrainian city.

Forums for developers

There are two significant developers’ communities in Ukraine. One is the well-known GitHub and the other is Dou, where you can get in touch with 150K IT specialists working in Ukrainian outsourcing companies. 

Invite-only channels on Facebook and Telegram

Besides communities, Ukrainian engineers use social media and messengers to search for like-minded professionals to share their thoughts with or seek advice from their counterparts. Although one needs to get an invitation to access and post ads in these groups, it is proven as a great venue to hire a computer programmer. 

LinkedIn (Ukraine region)

LinkedIn is a traditional way of hiring a programmer – you can post your vacancy and get the seekers to send their resumes, or you can search for particular talents yourself. Last time we checked, LinkedIn had about 95K software engineers located in Ukraine. However, due to the competition for tech talent, you’ll probably have to put in the time to find a good hire. 

Conferences and events 

Ukrainian IT community is vibrant and likes to get together to share ideas and engineering practices. You can easily find the list of upcoming events online. Look at the list of key speakers who are usually domain experts or senior-level specialists. Chances are high you will come across solid programmers for hire.  

Programmers for hire: 5 important tips

Although Ukraine is a vast repository of technology talent, it may be overwhelming to find a programmer who would be a good fit for your project in terms of relevant experience and communication skills. The biggest risk lies in ruling out strong candidates, just for the lack of knowing the outsourcing environment inside the region. Below, we have put together some tips that will hopefully help you in hiring a programmer in Ukraine.

Tip 1. Consider candidates with a degree in STEM

Thanks to the high level of STEM education in Ukraine, the job market gets 20,000 qualified IT talents each year. Although Ukraine has plenty of programming schools, to become a top-of-the-line engineer, one usually go through formal training. In fact, as much as 80% of engineers hold a degree in STEM fields. According to a recent review, students that graduated after 2018 have learned nearly 3-4 in-demand skills like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Java. Many IT vendors have connections to the local universities, so hiring a programmer with a strong background is now much easier. 

Tip 2. Target candidates with good English proficiency

The language barrier can be a significant speed bump. Without English, it is impossible for an engineer to comprehend technical documentation, no less becoming a true extension of your core team. The good news is that 80% of software engineers in Ukraine have Upper-Intermediate English proficiency, so working in an international environment isn’t really a problem. Our recruitment team usually interviews candidates for English proficiency, but it’s preferred that you check it on your side as well. 

Tip 3. Don’t rely on a candidate’s portfolio solely

Typically, portfolios and CVs of Ukrainian programmers’ look pretty much similar. A candidate’s resume won’t tell you more than what projects have worked on for the past few years. If you want to evaluate their skills, ask for their Stack Overflow or GitHub profile or any open-source code repository for that matter. Either way, ask them to share applications or websites and describe their role in the development process. This way, you will get a real sense of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Tip 4. Avoid hiring sight unseen 

Even if a programmer’s portfolio looks perfect, and you received nothing but positive characteristics from the vendor, you should still interview the candidate yourself. Make sure the interview is well-structured. Points to cover may include: 

  • Programming languages and frameworks
  • IDE
  • Databases
  • Patterns 
  • Data structures 
  • API
  • Platforms and tools 

Ideally, a Ukrainian developer will emphasize their problem-solving skill rather than the ability to write clean code.

Tip 5. Interview for communication skills and culture fit

Communication skills also matter, so listen to hear if a candidate gets the message across in a clear way during an interview. This skill is tremendously important for getting along and communicating in an efficient manner with your core team. Another point worth to mention: not all of the developers are naturally drawn to your company values, so you need to know how to spot candidates that will resonate with your culture.  Possible signs that will tell if a programmer for hire is going to be a good fit: 

  • They have worked for a company of a similar size.
  • They have a passion for innovation and bringing the best possible experience to the users.
  • They have a record of using the same development tools and methodologies.
  • They are able to collaborate with different teams across the company such as marketing and production.

Hire developers in Ukraine with NCube

If you have a project you need to bring up to speed and you need a programmer to step in immediately, the fastest way is to find a vendor that will provide you with high-quality candidates in line with your technology stack. We at NCube aim to build a technology team in Ukraine you would work with for a long time to come. Contact us and let’s discuss your project! 

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