A reputable framework for web development, Vue.js, poses a lot of challenges for businesses. While this technology is appreciated by web developers, many businesses struggle to attract talent due to the high demand for Vue.js remote developers. In this post, we will focus on Vue.js challenges that may stand between you and building an excellent Vue.js team. 

But first, a few words about us and our experience in Vue.js software development. Our team at nCube specializes in sourcing Vue.js remote developers (and other technologies as well) from Eastern Europe and Latin America for companies that aim to staff their web development units with skilled developers. We’ve already helped companies such as Life360, Liftable Media, and many others to build teams of dedicated Vue.js remote developers. All of these companies reached out to us while grappling with at least one of the difficulties we highlighted in this article. Let’s review them. 

Talent shortage

While many developers rush to learn the Vue.js framework nowadays, one of the most serious Vue.js challenges for businesses to overcome is meeting the increasing demand for seasoned experts in Vue.js. 

According to LinkedIn, there are approximately 42,000 Vue.js specialists in the US. In contrast, in June of 2022, there have been more than 41,000 vacancies featuring Vue.js software development skills. It means that businesses looking for Vue.js remote developers have to be prepared to apply their “red ocean strategy” in a bid to augment their web development teams with this talent. 

How to overcome such a serious Vue.js challenge as talent deficit? The easiest way is by sourcing talent outside your location. The most talent-rich zones (and the most skilled ones at that) are Latin America and Eastern Europe. As a company that builds teams in these regions, we can say that both of them offer a reasonable quality-price ratio, which allows our clients to cut software development expenses while working with qualified developers. That brings us to the next Vue.js challenge

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High salaries of local specialists

Vue.js specialists are among the highest-paid professionals. On the other hand, it’s a fact that developers based in Latin America charge much less than their North American counterparts. 

Lots of Western European companies struggle with the same Vue.js challenge, as the cost of local developers is sky-high for them as well. Luckily, they can count on an affordable and skilled tech hub in Eastern Europe that includes such tech hotspots as Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. 

Sourcing Vue.js developers remotely is now easier than ever, so you can dive into these low-cost regions knowing for sure that you can optimize your budget and attract the experienced professionals you need. 

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Managing Vue.js remote developers

Nowadays it’s easy to access Vue.js remote developers through a variety of companies and platforms providing Vue.js software development services. However, businesses still may have concerns about whether or not they will be capable of managing a remote squad effectively. That especially concerns independent contractors or freelancers who tend to juggle projects and may not pay due diligence to your goals, causing foiled deadlines and stress for your internal team. 

If proper management is the main Vue.js challenge for you, then it’s best to partner with a company specializing in building teams that are expertly skilled in Vue.js software development like nCube.  With us, you’ll have the benefit of retaining team control. Working under your leadership, Vue.js remote developers we provide will report to you directly, stick to your communication style and adopt your methods of software development, as if they were members of your in-house staff.

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How nCube can help you overcome your Vue.js challenges

Now that we’ve reviewed potential Vue.js challenges that may await you on your way to building an excellent web development team, let us show you how you can overcome those. 

Best Eastern European and Latin American talent. As of today, the pools of tech talent in these regions entail over 60,000 Vue.js specialists, which is more than enough to help you beat the biggest Vue.js challenge – talent shortage in your location. While other local companies may continue to vie for tech talent in your region, you will have an opportunity to augment your team with the best talent in a matter of weeks. In fact, many Vue.js remote developers we source have years of experience being a part of Vue.js software development units worldwide, which means they have well-rounded tech and communication skills. Moreover, we work with developers who have at least 2 years of commercial experience using this framework. Our approach and the experienced developers we provide won’t have you weighing the pros and cons of Vue.js for your project anymore.

Predictability. Our model lets you take the lead when it comes to making project decisions and communicating with your Vue.js remote developers. This is something that’s not guaranteed with individual contractors or other forms of cooperation such as traditional outsourcing where you are not involved in the process personally. Our approach lets you have the benefit of a predictable outcome. The payment model we use also adds to the transparency of the venture, as the client pays the salary of the employee, plus a vendor’s fee that goes into team retention services.

Dedication to your goals. One of the biggest Vue.js challenges we help our clients to deal with is ensuring that their team is deeply involved in their project. Your team will clock in 40 hours per week staying solely dedicated to your project. On our side, we will take care of the team’s general happiness, including all the needed HR support, IT infrastructure, motivational programs, insurance, and team-building events.  

A Vue.js team you can trust. Working with us, you will access Vue.js remote developers (or any other talent you may need), with excellent, pre-approved tech skills, experience, and confident English. You will also interview and approve all team members personally, as the decision to hire always belongs to you.

It’s worth mentioning that we are not only focused on Vue.js software development, as our expertise in fact includes a wide range of technologies, from various programming languages to niche specializations, such as AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, etc. Contact us, and let’s discuss your Vue.js challenges and see if our approach is a good fit for your purpose.

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