There are various reasons why you may be seeking a Telecom software development company. Perhaps, are unable to find experienced Telecom software developers locally. Or, you may be looking to save on building an in-house team or speed up the software development process. Whatever motivated you to research providers of software development for Telecom, this guide is for you. We will highlight the areas they focus on and the steps you need to take to partner with a reliable vendor. 

Software development for Telecom: Areas of focus

Telecom software development companies provide a wide range of services – from improving your existing infrastructure to implementing modern services, like IoT, Cloud, and AI/ML. Here are a few services you can benefit from: 

VoIP-based solutions: Providers of Telecom software development services can help you launch a customized VoIP-based product and integrate various features, including call routing, voicemail, call recording and analytics, and more. 

Messaging platforms: Telecom software development companies can deliver a tailored messaging solution, integrate it with your existing communication tools as well as develop custom features (like file sharing, group messaging, video/voice messaging), integrate advanced security, and provide support and maintenance. 

Operations Support System (OSS): Providers of Telecom software development services can develop a suite of applications to manage your network operations, automate processes and generally improve the management of your network infrastructure. 

Business Support System (BSS): BSS solutions are crucial, given that they provide the infrastructure needed to manage billing, customer care, and other services. Thus, a Telecom software development company can play a critical role in BSS development for your business.

Telecom application software development: Providers of app development can take your project specs, assemble a team of Telecom software developers to build your Telecom app from the ground up, and integrate it with your messaging platforms and VoIP solutions. 

Cloud computing for the Telecom industry: Cloud infrastructure reigns supreme, especially in the Telecom realm. Telecom software development companies can help you develop cloud-based VoIP and messaging services as well as contact center solutions.

Telecom data lake: Telecom business generates tons of data in structured and unstructured formats, so data lake for Telecom is a popular service among Telecom software development companies. A provider can build a centralized stronghold for your data and create a solid foundation for its analysis and making data-driven decisions.

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Data analytics: Many companies require data analytics solutions for many purposes – from optimizing their operations and improving their customer service to implementing real-time analytics, predictive analytics, and visualization tools. Telecom software development companies can handle all of these services.

How to partner with a provider of Telecom software development services

No matter what type of service you need, let’s review the key steps you can follow to launch your team of Telecom software developers. 

Outline the scope of work

To kick off the selection process for your external provider, it is important to clearly define the tasks your Telecom software developers will be working on. This step essentially includes outlining the scope of work, identifying milestones, and setting deadlines. The aim of this is to have a firm grip on your project and ensure your team moves towards project milestones in a timely and efficient manner.

Define the budget for your project

Your budget plays a crucial role in selecting a Telecom software development company that will source team members with the proper level of expertise and experience and rates that fit the bill. Also, it’s best to consider potential additional costs that may arise during your collaboration – be sure to discuss the extra costs upfront, so you can ensure your budget is sufficient to complete the project. 

Focus on the team structure 

Identifying the team size and structure is an essential component of your cooperation with a Telecom software development company of your choice. Based on pre-defined project deliverables, you will be able to define the specific competencies of Telecom software developers you will add to your team. This stage is important, as your chosen provider should have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities they will need to cover, for instance, a project manager, software developer, quality assurance specialist, and so on.

The following step involves the building of a team in collaboration with your chosen software development partner. During the initial stages, the partner will gain familiarity with your project and skill requirements, and initiate their internal recruitment process for identifying and screening candidates.

Ask about the provider’s screening process

When selecting a Telecom software development company, it is important to inquire about their candidate selection process. The ideal partner should not only review numerous resumes and provide you with potential candidates but should also conduct internal tests to evaluate candidates’ technical and soft skills, as well as their proficiency in English. Such a personalized team creation process guarantees you work only with proper Telecom software developers.

At the end of this stage, you will have a technology team that will be fully equipped to embark on your project.

Launch your team of Telecom software developers

Now is the time to put your team of Telecom software developers to work. But first, it’s best to finalize the paperwork with the Telecom software development company to ensure it’s built on a stable foundation. It’s important to establish Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) that protect your Intellectual Property while also defining key aspects such as scaling, timelines, termination conditions, and more. These clauses can be reviewed with your legal department and amended as necessary to ensure that your business interests are properly safeguarded. Ultimately, by establishing clear SLAs, you can ensure that your provider is fully accountable and aligned with your business objectives. Ideally, the provider should assign a personal manager who will orchestrate your partnership and help you establish the right kind of connection between you and your new team. 

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Manage your team

It’s in the best interest of both the client and the Telecom software development company to create a sustainable tech team. While the partner will handle the team formation, the client must be involved in every aspect of the SDLC, including the following stages:

  • Initial calls: You and your provider of software development for Telecom will collaborate to define the scope of work and the competencies you require for your team.
  • Team member selection: The human resources department of your Telecom software development company initiates a candidate search based on your needs.
  • Internal candidate screening: All candidates undergo Tech & HR interviews and an English proficiency test before meeting with you.
  • Client screening: Telecom software developers who pass the initial screening are then interviewed by you and your team.

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Hire Telecom software developers with nCube

nCube offers a strategic approach to Telecom enterprise software development. We source Telecom software developers from Central and Eastern Europe as well as Latin America. By partnering with us, you can build and manage your own nearshore/offshore team on your terms. The team we provide will work exclusively for you on a full-time basis, for 40 hours over 5 days per week, and will be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Our approach has been adopted by prominent clients such as CrossEngage, doTerra, FlightRight, Life360, and others as a way to expand their local teams.

Get in touch with us, and let’s see whether our partnership model is the right fit for your Telecom business.

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