Whether you build a solution for your enterprise or aim to make a splash with a newly created app, custom software application development is a viable approach to access the right kind of talent. 

Our review of the pros and cons of this solution is based on our vision as a company that builds teams of mobile developers based in Eastern Europe. So, if you plan to use a mobile app development company in Europe, our perspective may come in handy. 

The industry of mobile development in Europe is represented by a wealth of companies and vendors that can help you build an external unit with mobile development expertise you may lack locally. Let’s take a look at some benefits and potential downsides of using custom software application development services so you can be well-versed in the matter and make the right choice. 

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Advantages of mobile application development in Europe

A skilled pool of mobile development talent. As a business located in Western Europe or North America, you have probably noticed that the IT industry is undergoing a software development crisis due to the lack of local tech talent. Recovering from the pandemic, lots of companies began to hire IT experts in droves. As of the end of July 2022, there were more than 10,000 vacancies in the “mobile app development in Europe” category, according to LinkedIn data. In the USA, there are currently 17,000 positions open in the same field. Luckily, you can tap into mobile application development in Europe and choose from a variety of companies and vendors who can help you overcome the challenge of adding mobile developers. 

Varied skill sets. By using custom software application development you can augment your local unit with developers globally. For example, we at nCube can act as your reliable provider of mobile application development in Europe. We source mobile development talent from such a goldmine of IT talent as Eastern Europe. We have more than a decade of experience operating in this region, which lets us say confidently that Eastern Europe is ripe with a variety of skill sets, especially when it comes to mobile development. According to LinkedIn data in July 2022, you can access:

  • 11,000+ iOS developers
  • 14,000+ Android developers
  • 10,000+ Flutter developers

These are experts of all seniority levels located across Eastern Europe, so if you choose this region, you’ll be able to augment your team with the right kind of expertise easily. 

Fast team launch. Chances are you want to develop your application faster than your competitors. Such an ambitious strategy requires fast decisions, so you lose no time sifting through resumes. We at nCube can build your unit fast, as we have over 100,000 developers in our network who are more than ready to meet your demands when it comes to custom software application development. As a reputable employer, we can guarantee a time-to-hire from 2 to 4 weeks. 

Lower spendings. If you’re building your app on a shoestring budget, taking care of team overhead, administration, and retention can be overwhelming. When using a custom software application development company (or a provider of mobile development teams like nCube) your budget is down to the salaries of developers and vendor’s fees, which are invested in team retention, IT infrastructure, and other perks that help keep your team around.

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Disadvantages of mobile app development in Europe

Potential communication hardships. When building a team with a provider of mobile development in Europe, businesses should employ a lot of means to enable effective remote communication and collaboration. A remote strategy cannot be fruitful without well-rounded distributed team management, especially when it comes to such an intensive endeavor as mobile development where teams need to dive deep into the project. If you’re located in Western Europe, you’ll probably fare better than your North American counterparts who have to come up with a strategy to synchronize their units in different time zones. Thus, businesses located in the US and Canada require a thorough approach to ensure time zone difference doesn’t impede the app development process.

Culture-related challenges. When working with a team from another part of the world, a culture clash is a frequent occurrence. Although Eastern Europe is close to the Western world culture-wise (especially, when compared with Asian countries), it may take some adjustments on your side to establish proper communications between your units. For example, you can prioritize such essentials as writing extensive meeting notes or deliberately reiterating key things for your teams using various channels. If you set up your communication processes properly, custom software application development is likely to add a lot of value to your company. 

Increased management effort. Working with custom software application development services may require more extensive management than running internal staff. For example, when working with nCube as a provider of a mobile development team, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when it comes to the app development process and communication with the team. To make the most of our approach, you need to have the internal expertise to organize the process and efficiently take control of the team. 

So, is it worth using a custom software application development company?

Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of custom software application development, will you benefit from this solution? Building mobile development units for companies worldwide, we can say that the following types of companies will benefit most from using a mobile app developer company:

Companies that want to build a truly unique product. Custom software application development is about building a one-of-a-kind product within a highly personalized process. For example, we at nCube build mobile development units taking into account the unique identity of our clients’ projects, aiming to meet all demands they may have. 

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Companies that aim to scale. Many clients turn to custom software application development when existing products cannot meet their needs and they need to create their own solutions to scale their businesses. By using a custom software application development company instead of investing in off-the-shelf solutions, you can eliminate the growing pains that are often associated with unscalable ready-made products. Moreover, the custom application you’ll get will serve you for years to come as opposed to paying for costly license renewals.   

Companies prioritizing data protection. Working with providers of custom software application services allows businesses to protect their sensitive data more effectively than other ways to build an app, for example, freelancers. Vendors of custom software application development typically ensure the highest levels of data protection: from signing SLA and NDA contracts to implementing enhanced risk-management policies the client deems necessary. 

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Mobile application development in Europe: nCube’s model

At nCube, our approach allows you to make the most of custom software application development while working with a team located in Eastern Europe. Here’s what we offer:

  • Your own mobile development team:

When you source mobile development talent through nCube, the team will become an integral part of your company. We guarantee that it will work on your goals for as long as you need it: We always provide a comfortable working environment for all your team members, which boosts the retention rate. 

  • A personal approach:

We provide candidates for your future team according to your requirements. That way, we build a team of specialists who match your vision when it comes to their tech and communication skills. 

  • Direct access to all team members:

Our model of custom software application development services assumes that you will communicate and manage the team directly, overseeing the team and all processes first-hand. Thus, your remote unit will be fully integrated into your organization, supporting and working closely with your internal teams. 

  • Only best-in-class talent:

With nCube, you can access pre-screened mobile developers. All candidates you’ll meet have been interviewed by our HR and technical specialists, including English proficiency screening. Eastern Europe, the market in which we are expertly skilled, boasts a wealth of qualified mobile development specialists with rich experience working at custom software application development companies from Western Europe and North America. With that in mind, when you source talent from this region, you can count on vast expertise in your vertical and excellent communication skills among mobile developers.  

Let’s connect to discuss whether or not custom software application development is a good solution for you and how we at nCube can help you build your external mobile development unit in Europe.

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