Software development is a rapidly expanding industry that has been revolutionizing business for decades. According to Statista, the global revenue for enterprise application software will reach 424 billion U.S. dollars in 2025, which is substantial progress from 172 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. 

While trying to enhance their competitive advantage, numerous companies struggle to increase development speed. Today, we will discuss some of the most effective software development strategies to help you ship your products and services to market faster.

Fast software development: Outsourcing 

How to speed up software development efficiently? Businesses build partnerships with software development vendors for various reasons. For instance, outsourcing is a great strategy if you strive to supplement in-house staff, cut down on operational costs, or acquire external expertise in a specific knowledge area. When done correctly, outsourcing opens doors for fast software development, enabling organizations to move forward with their software development projects quickly and efficiently.

Outsourcing is an excellent software development strategy that can propel the process in multiple ways:

  • Access expert talent. When companies reach out to software development providers, they tap into a global pool of technology experts. This approach empowers them to acquire skills and experience to move forward with projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Save on labor costs. Delegating development tasks is a cost-effective strategy to get the necessary resources and safeguard the product’s quality.
  • Meet tight deadlines. When you hand off software development, organizations collaborate with technology specialists who can meet tight deadlines and swiftly adjust to unpredictable challenges. It’s one of the game-changing software development strategies when you are up against a looming deadline and should get the project on time.
  • Gain a new perspective. After reaching out for competent consultancy, organizations save resources and seamlessly handle tedious processes as external technology specialists share their knowledge of how to speed up software development.
  • Increase efficiency. Leveraging the potential of software development outsourcing, companies free up their in-house specialists and provide them with additional time to focus on urgent business objectives.

Addressing the question of how to speed up software development, companies can enhance their competitive advantage by delegating non-core activities to software development vendors and focusing on their core competencies and business objectives.

Continuous integration as a way to faster development

How to speed up software development with continuous integration? It is a practice of gathering code changes into a shared code repository. By frequently integrating code changes, companies can benefit from faster development by quickly detecting and fixing errors. Continuous delivery is a related practice that automates the software release process, making it swifter and easier to get new features and updates into the hands of users.

Implementing this strategy and delivery pipeline can accelerate the software development process by allowing for more frequent releases, as it reduces risks and makes it easier to identify and fix bugs. In addition, continuous integration and delivery enable organizations to automatically run tests and deploy code, which saves resources and diminishes the possibility of human error.

Improving development speed with Agile methodology 

Agile development methodology refers to a fast software development strategy in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It is characterized by short development cycles (called sprints) that are focused on delivering incremental value to the customer.

Agile development methodology originated in the software development community, but it has been adopted by organizations in other industries. One of the key benefits of agile development is that it allows for rapid delivery of new features or products to customers as agile teams break down software development into small, manageable pieces. Another advantage of agile development is that it encourages feedback and collaboration between developers and customers. This approach allows organizations to ensure that the software actually meets the needs of the customer.

How to speed up software development with Agile? The Agile development process typically begins with a sprint planning meeting, where the product owner and development team come together to discuss goals that should be achieved in the upcoming sprint. Then, the development team breaks down the work into individual tasks and starts working. Throughout the sprint, the team keeps the product owner updated on progress and may add changes to the product backlog based on feedback from stakeholders.

DevOps as a software development strategy

The DevOps methodology typically encompasses a set of tools that enable rapid, iterative delivery of software products and services. It improves communication and collaboration between development and operations teams and automates the software delivery process. The main advantage of the DevOps deployment methodology is that it reduces the risk of errors when the team deploys new code or changes code during the development stage. DevOps can speed up the delivery of new features or changes as it eliminates the need for lengthy manual processes.

How to speed up software development with a DevOps team? The first step is to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the employees. Next, once the team is in place, it is vital to establish clear communication channels between the DevOps team and the other teams within the organization. Finally, regular monitoring and feedback should be conducted to ensure that the DevOps team meets its objectives.

Final thoughts

Answering the question of how to speed up software development, we should say that there is no silver bullet. Yet, several common approaches may be beneficial for businesses aiming for faster development. If you seek to complement your in-house expertise with global talent and focus on more urgent business challenges, partnering with a tech team vendor like nCube can be an excellent opportunity to achieve these objectives and enhance your competitive differentiation. If your organization needs to reimagine its operations, the deployment of a continuous integration and delivery pipeline or agile and DevOps methodologies can serve as a baseline for a much-needed transformation, bringing to your company a new level of flexibility and agility.

nCube has more than 15 years of profound experience in fast software development by helping companies worldwide launch their tech teams in a matter of weeks. Interested to learn more about the opportunities for software development with remote teams? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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