The idea that “mobile is eating the world” isn’t new, but it has definitely gained momentum in the past few years: The pandemic brought about a wealth of apps, ranging from delivery apps and e-shopping to mobile health and remote education. The surge in app development makes it even harder for IT leaders to come across skilled app developers for hire, and that is where nCube can step in. 

We at nCube help companies cope during times of talent deficit. Our team builds iOS, Android, and cross-platform teams based in Eastern Europe. So, whether you are at the Discovery Phase or have a ready-made MVP, we can help cut through the difficulties of finding app developers. We’ve already partnered with companies such as doTerra, Life360, and Flightright to help them uncover a talented pool of app developers for hire in Eastern Europe. 

In our experience, companies commonly adhere to one of three methods to access app developers for hire

  • Freelancer platforms;
  • Traditional outsourcing;
  • A Dedicated Team model.

Now, let’s take a look at each option individually so that you can weigh your options and make the best choice for you. 

Hiring developers on a freelance basis 

Chances are your first idea is to find an app developer using one of the many talent repositories on the market. This solution comes with its own benefits and downsides, let’s review them. 


  • By hiring developers as freelancers, you can eliminate your overhead costs, as freelancers are far less high-maintenance than your permanent staff. 
  • Freelance platforms allow you to easily find app developers with the skills you need and rates that fit your budget. 
  •  Freelancers can provide the benefit of scaling up and down whenever you need it, without bothering about the notice period.


  • Freelancers aren’t as loyal and dedicated as your full-time employees, as they are typically involved in several projects.
  • Integrating freelancers into your existing teams and processes can be problematic, especially when there are lots of people involved. Additionally, it can be hard to stay on the same page for everyone, given the different work styles of freelancers and members of your permanent staff.
  • Hiring developers on a temporary basis can be connected with security risks, as there is typically no formal contract between you and a freelancer. Given that many apps deal with the sensitive information of users, you may want to entrust it to people who are bound by non-disclosure agreements.
  • Freelancers can go offline at any point during a project, so you might end up hiring developers as a replacement, which brings about stress and additional investment.

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Hiring developers through outsourcing

As an alternative to freelancers, you can access app developers for hire via an outsourcing firm. With this approach, the firm will develop your app from scratch using their internal app developers according to the milestones outlined in the contract. While many companies choose this route to get their app off the ground, it may not necessarily suit your case as well. Let’s see why you should (or shouldn’t) consider finding app developers through outsourcing. 


  • If you choose a reliable firm, your product will be developed by expert app developers with relevant expertise and experience in your domain.
  • Outsourcing can help you achieve flexibility, as it provides an opportunity to hand off all of your projects to different firms.
  • The firm takes over all of the management duties and provides you with a ready-made app within an agreed timeline.


  • In hiring an outsourcing company, you lose control over the app development process, which may lead to unpredictability when it comes to the final result. 
  • While outsourcing is a great way to find app developers, the client doesn’t know exactly who is actually going to work on your app. As such, there’s a chance that your product won’t be executed with the best app development practices in mind. 
  • By outsourcing your app development, you’ll be unable to easily change the course of the project and adjust it to the current needs of the target audience.

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Hiring developers via a Dedicated Team Model

A Dedicated Team Model lets companies access app developers for hire and set up their own app development center on the provider’s premises. Not only does this model allow you to find app developers with the skillsets you need, it also gives you an opportunity to work and communicate with them directly. Hiring developers within a Dedicated Team model means that they will be a true extension of your internal units, working together with members of your in-house staff. 


  • You only hire developers who you’ve handpicked yourself in a customized team creation process.
  • Your hired developers will be fully dedicated to your tasks, logging 8 hours per day as if they were your full-time employees.
  • You can scale up whenever your company needs to add more app developers.
  • You can access a limitless pool of app developers for hire so you can create a solo team as conveniently as a full-scale team.
  • The provider will take care of the happiness of your hired developers, providing such team retention services as HR support, motivational programs, health insurance, and other perks. 


  • Adding app developers in this model may require significant managerial effort. The more complex your project is – the more time-consuming integrating developers will be.
  • If your internal workflows are far from being perfect, your newly hired developers may fall short of efficiency and fail to meet your expectations.
  • Integrating and running a dedicated team requires expertise in managing hybrid teams.

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The best way to find app developers for hire: Freelance vs. Outsourcing vs. a Dedicated Team 

All of the models we’ve discussed in this post are proven ways to find app developers. In our experience, app development requires a full-blown team, as the scope of work tends to grow over time, which fuels companies to bring in more staff. In this regard, a Dedicated Team model is a perfect solution, as it allows you to find developers fast and integrate them into the team. Conversely, outsourcing firms don’t offer such flexibility, as they solely focus on milestones preemptively agreed to in the contract. 

On the other hand, you can access app developers for hire through freelance platforms with ease, but this solution is associated with a huge managerial effort on your side. Additionally, working with freelancers isn’t the same as working with outsourced developers or app developers hired via the Dedicated Team model. When it comes to the predictability of the outcome, freelancers typically fall short of guarantees in this regard, whereas hiring developers who are part of outsourced teams or Dedicated Teams you’ll receive deliverables outlined in the contract. The latter options are also safer, as vendors sign all the necessary agreements to secure your Intellectual Property and user data.

By hiring developers on a Dedicated Model, you reduce many uncertainties, as you’ll select all developers personally and decide who you’d like to work on your app. You will also manage the developers as you see fit, retaining full control over the app development process. 

When you search for app developers for hire, many factors can affect your choice. At the end of the day, you need to explore all the possibilities out there to make an informed decision. If you’re interested to find out more, especially given a Dedicated Team model, let’s connect.

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