We are nCube, a software development company with Ukrainian roots. Our main development center is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since the war started, our past and current partners have been nothing but supportive of nCubers and of Ukraine. Those are businesses from the US, the UK, Germany, and many others who in one way or another have offered help with evacuation, hosting for our employees and their families and more. We want to express our deepest gratitude for all of their support. For each kind word you said, every message sent, and every effort you made and will make to help us get through these difficult times. It’s amazing to understand that we’re not alone in this battle. 

At this very moment, our cities are on fire, citizens of Ukraine that have not been able to flee are seeking refuge from airstrikes, and any moments of peace, (which come few and far in between) are abruptly cut short by sirens meant to signal that attacks are imminent. Innocent lives are lost. Homes are reduced to ashes. Families are separated. 

How can I help Ukraine now?

We get this question a lot these days. The answer is simple, “Continue believing in Ukraine.” For the past decades, many global companies have grown, relying on software development talent from Ukraine. Lots of amazing, world-renowned products were built with the hands and ingenuity of Ukrainian engineers (both in Ukraine and abroad), think GitLab, Petcube, Grammarly, Firefly. That’s not to mention the fact that our engineers are part of amazing teams globally – doTerra, AstraZeneca, GreenPeace, Life360.

Do not abandon Ukraine or its IT community

What can you do now? Please, don’t stop believing in our engineers. This is not the time to avoid working with your Ukrainian teams. Continue your relationship with your existing teams in Ukraine. Or even start a new development center in Ukraine. This way you can really support the Ukrainian IT community – and be sure it will pay you back with huge gratitude during these difficult times. You will get a lot in return, proven by decades of hard work invested by Ukrainian software developers. You’ll have our back – we’ll have yours. That will never change.

Ukraine is under attack, but its IT community is ready to work

February 24th will remain a day that lives in infamy in the hearts of all Ukrainians, and to this day it’s still hard to fathom what has happened and what continues to happen as this war continues. At nCube we were able to relocate our engineers either toward the West of Ukraine or abroad. Those who decided to stay in Kyiv and suburbs plan to evacuate when the bombing ceases. We keep in touch with every employee, doing our best to provide help to them and their families. The safety and well-being of our employees will remain our top priority. 

Stop putin, Stop the War

The goal putin’s war is to demoralize us on all fronts, including killing our economy. What they don’t know is that although missiles may destroy our cities, they will never destroy Ukrainians’ desire to build a better future. Ukrainians are not afraid to work and build, whether it be repairing buildings or lines of code. Millions of Ukrainian immigrant workers over the years have proven it, injecting billions into our economy. All for the sake of building a better life for their children. 

Now, even under the threat of military strikes and the constant cacophony of sirens, we are continuing with our daily tasks, churning out code and words for clients globally. We know that that’s an investment in our future. Because we know, we have a future. 

How else can you help Ukraine? 

Donation. Protecting our citizens takes a lot of resources. While many businesses in Ukraine have joined efforts to sponsor the Ukrainian Army, it can never be enough. Helping refugees abroad, mothers and children who no longer have a home to live is crucial as well. You can find the requisites below. 


Donate to UA Army — National Bank 🔰

Donate to UA Army — Come Back Alive Charity 🔰

Donate to Other Trusted Organizations 🔰

Donate ₿itcoin to Come Back Alive Charity ₿


Help Ukrainian refugees abroad 🙏🏻

The International Rescue Committee

The Humanitarian Aid Account of the National Bank of Ukraine

UN Refugee Agency for Ukraine

Doctors Without Borders

Voices of Children


Lastly, please spread the word. Join anti-war rallies in your location. Ask your network to support us and share this message. Let the world know you Stand With Ukraine. 


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