Many enterprises nowadays require external tech expertise to embrace innovation and capture new growth opportunities. To that end, having access to experts specializing in such fields as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, etc is critical. If you’re unable to source this kind of talent from within your organization or find it locally, it may be time to partner with a reliable enterprise development company. 

When diving into the market of enterprise development companies you’ll come across multiple options. Some of them are worth your time while others deserve to be given a wide berth. To help you find a partner for long-lasting and fruitful collaboration, we put together some steps you can take to find a credible enterprise software development company. 

Steps to find a trusted enterprise development company

Define your goals. To delegate your tasks to an outside provider, you should outline the deliverables they should accomplish as a result of your cooperation. Set up clear goals: Whether you want to modernize your legacy system, add new features or develop a completely new solution, your vendor should understand your expectations so they can build the right kind of team with experience in your business vertical. 

Set criteria for enterprise development companies. What are the most important factors that will persuade you to choose one enterprise development company over another? Depending on your goals, you may require expertise in your domain, specific experience, a pricing model, time to create a team, etc. To find a relevant partner, create a list of must-have elements your potential vendor should have as well as things on which you are flexible. 

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Shortlist potential partners. The first thing you can do is look up companies that specialize in your industry. With that in mind, you can go over relevant websites, directories, and firm aggregators, or ask colleagues to refer you to enterprise software development companies they worked with. When doing your search, make sure to take into account the selection criteria you’ve defined in the previous step. 

Review companies’ websites and portfolios. How to find a credible enterprise development company? The best way is to dive into the potential partners’ portfolios and websites. Your task here is to find answers to the following questions: What type of industries do they work with? What type of enterprise projects do they take up? Are there similar projects in their portfolio to the one you are planning to delegate? Try to find as much information as possible. 

Read client feedback. Another way to find out more about your potential enterprise development company is to check reviews from their previous clients. How did tech leaders like you find the work of the provided team? Testimonials and reviews on firm aggregators can be a great source of information. Companies that don’t share any information about their clients probably aren’t worth your time. 

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Request for more information. What kind of cooperation and pricing models do they offer? How much time would they require to build a team according to your needs? Be sure to ask as many questions as possible during introduction meetings. When you contact your shortlisted enterprise development companies, consider also their time-to-respond. Customer-centric companies tend to get back within an hour or less.

Shake hands on a mutually beneficial agreement. After you find an enterprise development company you want to work with, you can move forward to discussing the budget and partnership terms. Your potential partner might be able to come up with a cost-saving plan and meet your needs when it comes to the rates of specialists you need to add to your team. 

Signs of an enterprise software development company you can trust

As a company that augments teams for enterprises worldwide, we know what’s important for our clients. Below, we focus on several things prioritized by our clients when searching for an enterprise software development company. 

Adhering to security policies. When a company maintains security policies specific to your industry, it’s a sign of a reliable partner. So, your shortlist should only include providers that comply with international security and data protection regulations and those that are ready to sign an NDA. In times of uncertainty, it’s also critical to ask your partner to develop a contingency plan that will ensure the team will keep supporting your project in case of out-of-control situations.

A suitable pricing model. Budget optimization is one of the biggest advantages of partnering with an enterprise development company. Ideally, your partner should offer you a flat pricing model where you pay for hours invested by a full-time employee provided on their side. Thanks to this model, you can have better control over the budget and assign team roles as you see fit. 

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Full team integration. A complex enterprise environment requires that all team members are fully integrated into your processes, even if they are a part of distributed environment. Whether you need only one developer or a large squad – full dedication on their side is essential. So, ask if (and how) your chosen enterprise development company ensures seamless engagement in the working environment. For example, we at nCube set up solid communications between you and your team members. We will help you with creating a schedule of regular team meetings, daily standups, and systematic meetups to fully onboard team members so they can start working with your core team, adopting your best practices when it comes to engineering and communication. 

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Team comfort. You want your team to stay productive – it’s the job of your partner to ensure developers they provide have everything needed for soaring motivation and comfort. For example, we provide comfortable workplaces for your added engineers and set up IT infrastructure for distributed work. A team of HR on our side takes care of the comfort and general happiness of the team. With us, you don’t have to worry about team administration, payroll, employee bonuses, etc – we take care of it. 

About our model

nCube helps enterprises augment their in-house units with skilled developers located in Eastern Europe and Latin America. If you need to scale and deliver a product fast, we have the needed expertise to add tech talent specializing in your industry within a personalized team creation process. Our model also helps enterprises set up an autonomous delivery center with experts working on a specific scope. Our clients such as Encore Capital, AstraZeneca, and Octopus Investment chose this model of cooperation. 

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When working with enterprise companies, we strive to act as a strategic extension of your headquarters and ensure the team we provide is integrated into your workflows and engineering processes, working under your leadership. 

Contact us if you’re looking to partner with a secure, reliable enterprise development company with a rich portfolio of clients. 

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