Building custom mobile apps can be an extremely valuable investment for emerging businesses and startups in particular. By having an app built with a personalized approach, startups can ensure that they use the latest technologies and UX/UI trends, which lets them stay ahead of the competition and meet market needs. With that in mind, you probably want to know if it’s worthwhile investing in custom mobile app development for startups. In this post, we will review the pros of this approach. 

How can custom business app development help your business?

Startups often operate on a shoelace budget, and simply lack funds to vie with established brands in terms of resources. Yet, startups have one advantage over larger businesses – they excel at applying modern technologies and approaches to business. Thus, it’s no wonder custom business app development and startups go hand in hand. No matter what industry you’re in, a custom-made app is the best solution to reach out to the market and meet your business goals. Let’s review the pros of custom business app development in more detail. 

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Generate added value for your customers. With the help of custom business app development, you can provide your customers with outstanding value. Your app can make your customers’ lives easier, which will create a positive image of your business and potentially boost your sales by a good margin. Moreover, thanks to custom business app developers, you can have an opportunity to interact with your customers and leads in a much more personal way than before. That way, your app can lead you to better sales, more in-depth marketing, and improved customer experience. 

Build your brand. Custom business app development is a good way to boost your brand’s awareness. First, customized apps provide great exposure for your business, as they are seen by many people across different platforms and devices. A custom app typically has well-designed features tailored to turn your visitors into raving fans of your brand. When it comes to efficiency, custom business app development is a better marketing tool than traditional, non-digital advertising such as billboards or print ads. Moreover, since people are spending a lot of time on their smartphones, custom apps offer users can access to your products or services in a snap, 24/7, which guarantees higher levels of engagement and loyalty.

Achieve a deeper connection with customers. You probably want to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience when using your products or services. That’s where custom business app development for startups may come in handy. Your custom product can be a channel to provide non-stop customer support and collect feedback, which lends itself to greater loyalty to your brand. Through a custom solution, not only can you contact your leads but also can reach out to them with targeted messages sent directly via the app. That is how custom business app development can help you boost the number of leads. 

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Outpace competitors. Typically, the task of custom mobile app development for startups is to help you in differentiating your brand from the competition. Moreover, chances are your competitors are not reaping the benefits of custom business app development. With a custom product, you can make a difference and capture a significant market share untapped by your competitors.

Access in-depth insights. Another reason to create your own product is that it can help you deliver targeted content based on users’ locations and time zone. That way, you can be sure that your message reaches your customers in the right place and at the right time. Besides that, custom apps are the perfect tool for collecting valuable customer data and insights that can help you improve your business. They allow you to gather information about your customers’ likes, preferences, and behaviors as well as their demographics and geographic location. This kind of insight lets you better tailor your products or services to meet their needs. 

Get a reliable partner. Many startups face the question: “How to build a custom app without an in-house team?” Indeed, delivering an app is a huge undertaking, which requires a team of custom business app developers as well as time resources, and a budget. The best way for startups to build an app is to hire a reliable custom mobile app development agency. That way, you can access the needed resources to work on your project within a specified timeline and budget. Below we go over how you can do that. 

Access custom business app developers with nCube

While many custom mobile app development agencies offer shared resources, we at nCube maintain a dedicated model. With our approach, you can build a dedicated team of custom business app developers specializing in iOS, Android and cross-platform development. Such a team will work exclusively on your project full-time, 8 hours per day / 5 days per week. In our model, you get skilled software developers from Eastern Europe or Latin America (it’s up to you) who will become a part of your internal unit and work on your custom app according to your needs. Our model ensures improved team retention, lower development costs, and full control over the development process. Contact us if you aim to build a remote dedicated team. 

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