The IT market is experiencing an imbalance between the supply and demand of tech talent. Due to the pandemic, businesses began to move online massively, and a lot of companies faced an increasing need to develop their own web apps. Consequently, the number of requests for web development companies has grown. 

There are traditionally many skilled and qualified web developers in Europe, but the situation may differ from city to city. Let’s see where you can look for the best web development companies in Europe.

Best European cities to find web developers in Poland and Ukraine

Over the past few years, many IT companies have opened their offices in Poland. The largest IT communities in Poland are located in Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Lodz.

Many companies around the world prefer to source developers from Ukraine and Poland. Both countries are leaders in IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe and are among the top 10 European countries with thousands of professional developers working at web development companies. In addition, StackOverflow states that Poland and Ukraine have the largest talent pools in the Central and Eastern Europe region. Ukraine alone boasts such hubs of IT talent as Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Odesa where you can potentially cooperate with top web development companies.


It’s no secret that the IT industry is on the rise worldwide. The Czech Republic is an industrialized country with innovative technical universities, so the IT sector is in bloom here. According to the Czech Statistical Office, the IT industry employs about 230,000 technical specialists, 58,000 of which are located in Prague. Just a few years ago, there were less than 150,000 IT specialists in the country. Such growth occurred for one simple reason: modern IT technologies have penetrated all areas of the economy, from medicine to the agricultural sector.

In the Czech Republic, you can find IT companies that specialize in a wide variety of services, from the best web development companies in Europe to providers specializing in cloud storage, IT security, the introduction of robots into the industry, and cash register software.

Best European cities to find web developers in Germany

IT experts find Germany a comfortable place to live, but there are fewer web developers as compared to other European countries. The increased interest in Germany among web developers can be chalked up to a large number of attractive offers in the labor market, a stable economy, and the opportunity to obtain a residence permit under a simplified professional immigration program for people with higher education (Blue Card EU or Blue Card).

There is a considerable shortage of qualified IT specialists in the country: such professionals are among the most sought-after professions for web development companies. To attract experienced personnel, a professional immigration program for people with higher education was launched in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, and Stuttgart. 

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Web development companies in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands consistently ranks high in the quality of life ranking, and according to the OECD Better Life Index, Dutch life satisfaction is above the national average. FDI Intelligence and TNW Tech have published a ranking of cities with the best prospects for investment in the IT sector and startups, the so-called “tech cities of the future.” Evaluated, among other things, “Economic potential” and “Number of foreign direct investment”: on these aspects, Amsterdam entered the top ten, and in the overall ranking, took fourth place.

Dealroom analysts in their report estimated the number of jobs in Dutch tech startups at 77,000, of which 34,000 are in foreign companies represented in Amsterdam. In 2019, the number of vacancies increased by 11%.

Web development in Europe – Budapest

Companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Prezi have offices in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The latter even made their own guide devoted to their beloved city of Budapest. Overall, Hungary is a popular destination for IT outsourcing; for example, Tata Consultancy Services is represented here.

Finally, The UK and Ireland

According to FDI Intelligence and TNW Tech, which have compiled a ranking of “tech cities of the future,” London ranks first in the overall top. Dublin is in third place in terms of “economic potential,” and “the amount of foreign direct investment,” following the capital of the UK. In addition, the overall top includes Belfast, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Reading, and Glasgow. According to the Tech Nation report for 2020, the UK as a whole occupies a leading position in Europe in the development of the tech industry. In fact, here you can find the best web development companies in Europe.

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So, these are the best European cities to find web developers. Staffing web development teams can be time-consuming, but when you know where to look for talent, it will be easier for you to access and source developers. 

The more complex your project, the more reasonable it is to turn to a professional web development company, for example, nCube. We can help you access web development talent located across Central and Eastern Europe and add them to your team.

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