While off-the-shelf mobile solutions abound, they are far from being a universal recipe for all companies out there. Applying them often means recalibrating your business needs to make them fit in with the chosen solution. Conversely, bespoke mobile app development allows companies to develop and integrate a slew of features they require from the get-go and meet their goals to a tee. If you’re still hesitating about whether bespoke mobile apps development is worth it, here are several benefits of this approach, from the standpoint of a software development company. Let’s begin! 

Why invest in bespoke mobile app development?

Focus on customer experience. Bespoke applications are the best way to forge an in-depth connection with your target market. They are tailored to the needs of your market and let users communicate with your company more simply and conveniently. Moreover, thanks to bespoke mobile app development, you can cast the net wider to reach out to broader audiences using various devices with different types of screens. 

Enhanced security. Off-the-shelf apps tend to fall short of crucial elements of security, which may put your user data at risk. This is especially critical for companies operating in fields that are susceptible to cyber threats, for example, healthcare or banking. Chances are your business requires an extra layer of security as well to meet the data protection rules and guidelines. For instance, you may want to give access to sensitive data only to authorised users. Moreover, bespoke mobile app development can shield your business from cyber criminals, given that bespoke solutions are less prone to attacks when they are developed with all security requirements in mind. 

Better team performance. Chances are you plan to develop an app to boost the performance of your team. Instead of juggling multiple tools and platforms, your team can become more efficient using a single app. Thanks to bespoke mobile app development, you can achieve exactly that. A bespoke application can integrate a set of necessary tools within itself that your team members can have access to in one tap. 

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High scalability and flexibility. Ready-made solutions are less likely to cope with an increasing amount of traffic and growing client bases. On the other hand, bespoke mobile app development can ensure impressive levels of scalability, as they are made keeping in mind the potential need for scaling. Thus, bespoke apps are less problematic to expand and aren’t limited in the amount of data they can handle. 

Simple integration. When choosing off-the-shelf software, you risk facing hardships associated with integrating it into your current environment. When the solution is not compatible with your existing software and tools, it can impede your operations. Providers of bespoke mobile app development always take into account your current situation and build an app that fits your existing solutions so that everything works without a hitch. 

Competitive advantage. Many ready-made solutions cannot be enriched with the features your business may need to stand out on the market. While your competitors may bet on them, following their lead may deprive your business of the possibility to outshine them by using the unique functions they are lacking. In the worst-case scenario, your potential clients may choose your competitor over you if you fail to provide them with what they are looking for. With bespoke app development, you can add features as you see fit tailored to your business needs and highlight your competitive advantage. 

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Future-proofing. When relying on a ready-made application, you risk handing it off to someone who may decide to stop its maintenance for good, leaving you without the advantage of continuous development and the risk of ending up with an obsolete product. Rather than doing so, you can build your own application with a team of bespoke mobile developers you can count on. That’s what we at nCube can help you with.

nCube: Your bespoke mobile development company

Bespoke mobile app development requires knit-tight collaboration between the client and their development team to ensure the venture ends with a perfectly functioning app that meets all demands. Acting as your trusted bespoke mobile development company, we will provide a model that lets you have a stable and skilled remote team that dives deep into your business goals and stays dedicated to them, becoming a valuable asset of your business. 

Our model lets you benefit from bespoke mobile app development to the fullest. Here’s what we offer:

  • A personal approach:

We provide a team of bespoke mobile developers according to your requirements and the vision of an ideal app developer. This way, we will build a team of specialists who are a perfect fit for your tech skills, soft skills, and other requirements and competencies you deem necessary. 

  • Direct access bespoke mobile app development: 

Our model gives you the benefit of communicating and working with bespoke mobile developers without middlemen, managing the team and the app development process in your own unique way. Your remote squad will become a seamless extension of your organisation, working side by side with your internal unit. 

  • Only relevant candidates:

We’re an established bespoke mobile development company with over a decade-long experience in sourcing and attracting tech talent. We can match you with pre-screened candidates who have passed our internal tests when it comes to tech background and English proficiency. You will take part in the interviewing process firsthand and make all decisions to hire. 

  • A remote team in one of the most skilled tech hubs:

We set up teams in Eastern Europe, a renowned tech hub that is a rich tapestry when it comes to a variety of skillsets. Many software developers in this region have experience being part of UK-based companies, which guarantees they have excellent communication skills and strong tech background. Thanks to our vast network of bespoke app developers, we can provide you with candidates in a matter of a few days after our initial call. 

Let’s connect to discuss whether or not bespoke mobile app development is a good solution for you and how we at nCube can help you build your remote tech squad. 

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