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PUBT Inc. provides financial data and analytics, helping businesses and investors access real-time information on public disclosures, official announcements, and company reports.
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  • October 2019
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PUBT Inc reached out to nCube to get help in the development of a robust, scalable, and efficient web aggregation platform that can collect and extract data from various online sources, including news websites, financial reports, press releases, and social media.

  • nCube developed a web scraping system as well as designed and implemented a navigation proxy to bypass bans and expedite website navigation.

  • nCube’s engineers implemented advanced data extraction techniques such as web scraping, APIs, and natural language processing to retrieve relevant information from diverse sources and analyze it for actionable insights.

  • The team created a customized navigation proxy system to ensure fast website navigation and avoid IP bans or restrictions, ensuring seamless data collection and processing.

  • The engineers integrated the developed platform with PUBT Inc.’s existing infrastructure, tools, and applications, ensuring seamless data flow and minimal disruption to current processes.

  • They also designed and developed an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the web aggregation platform, allowing PUBT Inc.’s team to easily interact with the system, manage data collection, and analyze the extracted information.



  • Finally, our engineers offered post-deployment support and maintenance services, including bug fixes, enhancements, and updates, ensuring the platform remains reliable and up-to-date with evolving requirements and technology advancements.

Our partnership


To develop a web aggregation platform and work on a data extraction project


  • .NET
  • Node.JS


  • Back-end
  • Frontend

Project overview

nCube’s helped to deliver a high-quality, well-performing tool able to scrape 15,000 links per second, exceeding expectations.

The workflow between the nCube developers and the Public team was highly effective, with the developers seamlessly integrating with the internal team and working under Public’s processes and company practices.

The developers were considered part of the internal team, with no differences in productivity and workflow compared to in-house hires.

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    United Kingdom


    Phone: +44 772 611 66 87

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