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  • Finance Management
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The largest debt buyer in the United States. The Company purchases portfolios of defaulted customers from banks, credit unions, and utility providers and partners with individuals as they repay their obligations and work toward financial recovery.
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  • February 2017
    Client since
  • 15
    Team size
  • Turnkey product development
    Development type
  • FinTech, B2C
  • CA, USA
  • 5001-10000
    Number of Employees


nCube provided us with the stand alone full-stack product development team, containing of PM, BA, back-end, web and mobile developers, as well as UI/UX and QA experts.
  • The products were delivered perfectly on time
  • Quick team hiring (15 engineers under 2 months)
  • Everything was made within the budget range set up
  • Great communication and integration with other departments within our organization
  • Flow of valuable ideas on initial brainstorming sessions and following marketing meetings
Success Stories
Our partnership

Our partnership


To build debt management web platform and mobile app

Tech stack:

  • Java
  • Angular.js
  • iOS Swift
  • JavaScript
  • Android Kotlin


  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Mobile
  • UI/UX
  • QA
  • PM
  • BA
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Project overview

nCube was responsible for developing entire program from scratch.

The project began with the training, which set a storyline for both web and mobile. The result was further polished up by nCube internal UX and futher became a cadence for the development. In the first 3-6 months there were also some learning curves that helped to avoid double-work. The communication was made at the meeting twice a week plus additionally NCube's developers participated in Client's cross department team stand ups every week.

PM Dmitry was in charge of all the communications set up, processes optimization and other issues resolution. All the processes were built in Agile. After all, the launch was very close to the initial MVP estimation and that led to the second part of the project, that was also successful. Apart of that, NCube's engineers took part in Hackathon in San Diego, that positively affected internal team collaboration.

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