The software development market in Romania is booming, with an expected compound growth of up to 7% in the next few years. Add that to the fact that there is a global shortage of software development specialists, and you’ll start thinking of taking your software development tasks to one of the affordable destinations. Romanian developers have long been regarded as specialists with in-depth expertise, solid communication skills, and decent English. With more than 77,000 developers, this 19-million country can be an excellent destination for software development. Let’s find out how to hire developers in Romania, why choose them over the others, and the best way to source them.

Why look for software developers in Romania?

So, why choose Romania over other development hubs? Romanian developers make a sizable pool of nearly 80,000 skilled specialists. There are countless reasons to hire developers in Romania, ranging from affordability to availability of talent. Let’s review the most convincing reasons to work with developers in Romania:

  1. Decent education. Romania has dozens of learning programs in tech universities, including the University of Bucharest and Transilvania University. The country hosts nearly 30 universities offering well-rounded courses in cybersecurity, data science, software development, engineering, and related disciplines.
  2. Comparatively lower salaries. If you start comparing the salaries in Romania to those in other European countries, you’ll see that Romanian developers earn less than IT specialists in Germany, the UK, or Denmark. That’s not to mention that developers in Romania earn 5 or 6 times less than specialists of the same specialization in the US  or Canada.
  3. Solid English proficiency. According to various ratings, Romania is currently in the top 15 countries in terms of English proficiency. It’s also positive that most Romanian universities offer English-speaking software development courses.
  4. A suitable time zone and culture. Romania is located in the GMT+3 time zone, which is a match if you have a development team in Europe. As for the culture, Romania is a country that heavily promotes a multilingual and multicultural environment, both in education and the workplace.
  5. Communication skills. Since Romania has been a host to dozens of outsourcing business projects, Romanian developers have enough experience to work in multicultural, international teams. You won’t have issues integrating, collaborating with, and generally hiring developers in Romania.


As a whole, developers in Romania have solid competence and vast experience in providing nearshoring/offshoring services and are always available to augment international teams. The IT industry is vibrant and dynamic, with prices for services varying depending on the programming language, tech stack, and experience. While it’s true that hiring developers in Romania is a well-rounded decision, there are quite a few challenges, which will be explained as follows.

Challenges of working with developers in Romania

Although the benefits mentioned earlier are significant, you should also know about the challenges that may arise when you hire developers in Romania for your project. Let’s consider the most substantial potential downsides you should know about beforehand:

  • Not the largest talent pool. While Romanian tech education remains solid, and the total number of software developers will soon reach a hundred thousand, the talent pool is still somewhat saturated. It’s also true when hiring narrowly-skilled specialists like Scala, Rust, or Flutter developers. With that in mind, hiring the exact-match developers in Romania might be more competitive as compared with other skill sets.
  • Time zone differences. As we mentioned earlier, the time zone is not a big deal if your main development team is situated in Europe. But for the US time zone, it can be quite challenging to collaborate and productively communicate with a six-to-nine-hour difference.
  • Cultural differences. While most Romanian developers are highly skilled in the English language, there might be some cultural differences that may become a barrier when it comes to building effective communications. While it is different from one case to another, allocate some time for the teams to get acquainted when integrating software developers from Romania.

While these challenges are minor, you should still remember that the decision to hire developers in Romania comes with its nuances. Nevertheless, if you manage to onboard and integrate the newcomers into the development cycle, you’ll hardly have any major issues in delivering your project.

Tips for hiring developers in Romania

Since the job market in the software development niche is highly saturated in Romania, knowing how to source the best professionals is a must. We’ve prepared a list of recommendations that would ease your struggles finding, hiring, and onboarding software developers in Romania:

  • Hire developers in Romania that specialize in your industry

For example, if you are in the healthcare industry, you will want to ensure that the hired Romanian developers have experience in that field. It will ensure that they are familiar with your company’s specific needs and can provide the best possible solution for your needs.

  • Consider using online freelancing platforms

When hiring developers in Romania, consider using online freelancing platforms like Upwork or Freelancer. These platforms allow you to post your project requirements and receive bids from developers worldwide.

  • Build a fully remote team

Sometimes, it’s better to build a full-fledged remote team of Romanian developers for a large-scale project. This way, you ensure that the team understands the business objectives and works collaboratively to reach its goals. In some sense, hiring a fully remote team might also be better for properly integrating your operations.

Bottom Line

Romania has a huge potential when it comes to software development. The country has a saturated but extremely talented pool of skilled software specialists. With lower costs than neighboring countries, Romania can be a dream location for hiring development specialists. When considering the hiring process, don’t forget that developers from Romania are highly competent, have decent English, and are located in a suitable time zone. That said, hiring an additional development crew from Romania can be an excellent idea if you want to have a solid distributed engineering team.

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