A source for software solutions for your business

Creation of good software solution involves deep understanding of the business. We usually use Agile software development methodologies working in close collaboration together with our customers to create the software solutions that suit business requirements the best way. We use our existing experience to consult our customers with best ways of solving some of the business problems.

It often makes sense to outsource parts of your software development to increase company effectiveness and to focus on core activities.

We can help with creation of turn-key software solutions for starting businesses as well as with development or maintaining of independent product lines or modules for established companies. R&D tasks are also often outsourced to minimize costs or to get rapid access to skills not available in house. Research projects, proofs of concept for bigger projects, projects with high risk levels or limited budgets., projects with temporary demands for large team sizes or unique skill-sets are often outsourced to our development office.

Our main skill-sets are:

  • Enterprise-level software solutions using Java, C++ and C#/.Net technologies
  • Financial software development
  • Mobile applications: native iOS, native Android, cross-platform HTML5 solutions
  • Development of internal and external corporate portals
  • SaaS solutions
  • Gambling software