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NCube provides remote teams of highly skilled software developers who can seamlessly fit into your working/technical and team environment, either on a project basis or team extension.

Technical problem solving skills, deep understanding of software development principles, quality of code and final solutions, flow of new ideas, enthusiasm for every-day’s work and overall cost are the main strengths of the teams we provide.

Our development centre is located in Kiev, Ukraine where we benefit from European culture at one side and excellence in the field of science and technology at the other, as well as having a negligible difference in working hours to the UK and mainland Europe.

Using us will allow you to focus on core activities of your business and let us do what we do best - develop quality software solutions. Describe briefly your project requirements and we will propose a solution for you.

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Finding best people for the job is the main component of project success. Thanks to powerful legacy of Soviet Union in the field of science and technology we benefit from the location of our main development centre in Kiev by being able to gather high quali ty project teams in a short term. 90% of our staff achieved BS degree, 50% – MS degree and 8% – PhD. We carefully select people into the project teams, taking into account not only their professional qualities, but also their personal and ethical values. HR department is the heart of our business.

We are very proud of the people we have. We find people who can not only accomplish the project but who also can have a critical sight on it, suggest how to refine it and how to make it better. This kind of people can take the project to a new height by feeding back their ideas. We have seen it many times when resulting project turned into something much more valuable then client initially planned. We even decided to include this as a part of our main strategy: always target to provide you with additional value.



Knowledge is our second biggest asset after people. It is also the second key component for project success. We have been carefully accumulating experience from everywhere around the world. We got together methodologies used by leading software outsourcing providers at one side, experience and best practices used by leading European/American financial institutions at the other side.

Project development in geographically distributed environment is a topic of special interest to us. We learned pitfalls on the way and how to avoid them. We know how to make it work in efficient manner. This knowledge works very well for us and we are open to make it work for you as well.



Mix the two main components with good project communication and requirements for highest possible quality of any small bit of result. Glue it together with carefully developed culture of professionalism and customer satisfaction. Put it on the basis of carefully developed adaptive processes and scalable infrastructure. And you will get what we call NCube as a result. At your service.


We believe that main asset of our company is our people:
experienced and passionate professionals who are able to solve assigned tasks skillfully, quickly and efficiently.

Our people are organized into strong, cohesive teams under contemporary project management, working in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Being in software consulting business during past six years we have assembled a steady pool of very knowledgeable, skilled and experienced software engineers. Most of our consultants have at least bachelor degree in computer science.

NCube has a rigorous personnel selection procedure followed by extensive project training. This allows the company to maintain a decent resource pool of the "best of breed" developers, who capable to perform effectively for customer's benefit.

Our project managers and team leaders have strong development backgrounds and comprehensive knowledge of modern software technologies. Such experience allows them to make prompt and sound decisions. The project management staff's high level of communication abilities facilitates day-to-day interaction with the company's customers and allows the staff to understand our customers' needs more efficiently.