Our IT outstaffing solution

Best IT talents

We provide software development talents which are difficult to find in US and Europe

Lower costs

Сharge much less than US/Europe hiring rates and thus dramatically decrease cost of software development for our clients

Competitive advantage

We provide competitive advantage that our clients use to dominate their market niche



Access to software development talents

Lack of talented software developers on EU and US markets.

We hire software development talent which are difficult to find in the US and Europe.

High salaries for software developers.

We provide teams of software developers with equal or better skills than you can find locally for much lower cost!

Expensive recruiting: high fees of recruiting agencies, time of internal emploees.

We do not charge recruiting fees.

Imagine competitive advantage

you get without those problems

Savings on infrastructure

Costs for new empolyee maintainance: office space, infrastructure and facilities.

We do not charge any fees for office space and facility.

Costs for HR, management and employee benefits.

NCube offers HR and management services for no additional costs.

Difficult to scale up or down quickly.

It is easy and quickly to grow or cut the team with us.

Imagine competitive advantage

you get without those problems

NCube provides remote teams of highly skilled software developers

who can seamlessly fit into your working/technical and team environment, either on a project basis or as a team extension.

Team Extension

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Your own dedicated development team in Ukraine.

We build remote teams as loyal, reliable and focused on your goals as your internal staff. Dedicated only to your project, the team works smoothly under your guidance, with NCube taking care of all recruitment and administrative сosts.

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Turn-key development solutions for your business.


Turn-key solutions for your business

NCube specialises in Agile software development within such industries as FinTech, AR/VR, AdTech, and IoT. We have everything to deliver a great end product: from top-level engineers and developers to skilled designers and QAs.

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Since NCube foundation in early 2007, the company is constantly growing and evolving. The quality of provided services results in long-term relationships with customers in USA and Europe. Our solutions have successfully added value to our clients:

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